[Archive] Goblin with Nemesis Crown


Made from a 40k Grot.

Uzkul Werit:

laughs That’s classic. Just make sure that Grimgor doesn’t find out! What’s the crown made from? Greenstuff?


nice! ^^

i love good looking, useless minis ^^… well done :hat off


Haha, great work grim.


nce hobgoblin bolthrower crewman, thas also the owner of the nemesis crown, haha, super hobgoblin


Yes, its a greenstuff crown. Not my sharpest sculpting, but then its a stand alone quick effort, not to be used for much else (unless I rebase him).


Now this made me laugh :hat off…

You’re going to use this as a general in a 3000 points orc list of course…:rolleyes:


Pyro Stick:

nice! ^^
i love good looking, useless minis ^^

If you like useless minis then i will try to get a model my friend made called God. Its a dwarf with a snata type hat and a sthil chainsaw...

Is the goblin meant to look like hes trying to take off the crown? Its a funny model anyway

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hehe, the really cool thing is thinking about what happens to him two minutes after he put on the crown! ^^

Ghrask Dragh:

:slight_smile: Brilliant!

Always good to see models like this, there are too many people who take the hobby way too seriously (just been reading about ross_lionhearts game club :mad Grrrr).

Uzkul: Just make sure that Grimgor doesn’t find out!



Always nice to see a bit of comedy in Warhammer, good job!:hat off

Traitor King:

Make one of the goblin that rose in the air ect!

Man, thats great, its good to see a light hearted take on the hobby.