[Archive] "God for Harry, England and St. George!"


With the next Word of Hashut in planning stages I can actually paint stuff, here is something I bought years ago: Some Perry miniatures. And here the first one I have started painting: is my favorite historical figure: Henry V!

Not done yet but getting there, the base will be painted brown.

I’ll try to get some non-flash photos up soon, these are being washed out by the flash on my camera.

Border Reiver:

As a Bret player as well, I commend you for the steady hand you are showing with the heraldry - keeping it neat is the key to a good looking knight. I look forward to the non-flash pics.

As you progress on this model, please go back over the horse with a different method of highlighting. Drybrushed horses (other than the manes and tail) look unnatural.

Also, the lower right portion of Harry’s jupon (as you are looking at him from the front below the belt is blue, while above it, it is red. Given that his jupon should be quartered, this quadrant should be red (as it it blue above).


Good points I’m very out of practice painting horses… :wink:

not sure how I missed that on his jupon good spot too.


Nearing completion just a few more touch-ups to add.


Great model and great paint job worthy of the king of all England :slight_smile:


Yep you get a bad -@ss paint job when you own all your enemies.

Kera foehunter:

i seen this firgure some where before hummmm i can’t remember where