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I know a few of you follow me on facebook so you have already seen this, and that I’ve been inactive lately too. However, I’m going in for some pretty major surgery soon.

I have Pectus Excavatum, and it compresses my heart and left lung. It had begun taking its toll on this last year or two. As an example, my brother (he’s 42) and I (I’m 27) were playing with my oldest nephew in my parent’s back yard. My brother has smoked on and off all his life, but I was the one quickly losing my breath.

The surgery I’m having is the “Ravitch technique”. It’s pretty invasive. Utilizing a horizontal incision, the modified Ravitch technique involves removing small pieces of deformed chest cartilage and repositioning the protruding ribs and sternum. To support the repaired chest architecture, titanium bars are secured to the ribs and sternum

Here are some “before” pictures of my chest Link to pics. Bare chested male, so consider that if at work/school.

If you look closely in the pictures, you might even see the scar from the open heart surgery I had as a child (the pectus excavatum existed before said surgery).

Someone has posted a video blog of what it was like for him, including the first several days starting with the day of the surgery. WARNING… it is not for the faint hearted, even though it’s all post-surgery. http://youtu.be/oYPljV3pgKU

I’ll be in the hospital for a few days, maybe a bit longer. I will then be at my parents place for a week or two while I recover, which I will probably spend painting to relax.

In the meantime I’m also helping out TheCranky Lawyer and the Garagehammer crew raise money for children’s hospitals. I had open heart surgery, like cranly’s kid, as a child. There are also kids facing far scarier things than I am, and I’m nervous about my procedure as an adult! So we’re trying to help a charitable cause as gamers, so please donate (or join Team Cranky) if you can. It’d mean a lot to me and provide some happiness while I’m hurting from the surgery.


Holy god.

You have our thoughts and best wishes, SwissD. Good luck with everything, and I wish you a speedy recovery.


I hope everything will go as planned and that you have a speedy recovery.


Good Luck Dude. Do you get to choose who’s chest you come out with? Like Arnold Swarza…'s or somesuch buff type person? ( If you say Kera’s, we will worry about you! )


I hope the surgery goes well, Swiss.


I wish you all the best, dude! :hat off



All the best Swiss! Speedy recovery and a healthier future!


All the best bro!!! May you have a speedy recovery and we will be anxiously waiting to hear from you when you are strong enough to post here!


I hope everything will go as planned bud good luck.

Kera foehunter:



Good luck, wishing you all the best.


I hope you are back soon to reed all these well-wishes. (if read to soon: good luck)


Thank you everyone! I’m at my parents the night before the surgery. I’ve been painting this week, during finals, to help relax. With finals done, I’m just playing Civ 4 to relax.

As for type of chest, simply “normal male” would be good. lol I think my girlfriend would object to me having cleavage.

Da Crusha:

oh wow, I just read this. good luck.


Get well soon dude, kick its arse!


I wish you the best of luck and a good recovery.


Just so everyone knows. Swiss’ surgery went well. He’s in a fair bit of pain and not getting much sleep but he is up and walking.

Just wanted to give everyone s heads up.


Just so everyone knows. Swiss’ surgery went well. He’s in a fair bit of pain and not getting much sleep but he is up and walking.

Just wanted to give everyone s heads up.


Great news! :cheers

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Good news! :hat off

Best wishes from Germany Swiss! :cheers