[Archive] Golden Hat #2 - Winner!

The Flying Beaver:

Well, the voting period for the Golden Hat is now over, and the winner has been declared. Everyone, you may begin sending your praise and admiration in the direction of angryboy2k!!

Angryboy2k has gained a reputation point as his reward and his success will be immortalized on our main website shortly. Also, all entries will be sent to the US White Dwarf team.

Here’s how the entrants placed:

1st Place: angryboy2k
2nd Place: Arashi
3rd Place: WarplockMonkey
4th Place: grom
5th Place: A three way tie between Hobgobbler, Kyte, and Dedwrekka
6th Place: A tie between Hashut’s Blesing and myself, The Flying Beaver

On behalf of the Chaos Dwarf Online moderation team, I would like to thank every member who participated, be it by entering, voting for your favourite or discussing the contest. This has been a successful contest once again, and we greatly look forward to holding a third!

The Flying Beaver


well done everyone :slight_smile: although more so to those at the top.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you to all, as Beavey has said. Well done to all entrants. And beavey, we came last because we’re staff :wink:

The Flying Beaver:

I’m not concerned, my model won me $20 CAD at a local painting contest! :cheers


Congrats to all involved of course!

However, us mods need to get it together and get ourselves in the running in Golden Hat 3! Maybe I’ll enter next time…


Congratulation to the winner but also to the rest. All of you did a great work, much better then I could ever do.


Well done everyone! I will get all the entries on the Site sometime today. Until then you can check out Snotling’s Gallery, which I added yesterday. :cheers

Traitor King:

Well done angryboy.

Well deserved!

Also, well done to everyone who entered, all the models were great.

Next time ill try to get a model up!


Hey guys, congrats on the painting competition.

So what’s the story, have pics been sent to GW or not?

I’m a bit out of the loop (two weeks diving in egypt).


Right now, as we speak I am compiling the straggling entries and adding red borders, then I will throw them onto the main website and fire up an email.

Angryboy, and all others! We need you to commit here that you will give up your rights to the picture and that GW can use pictures of your images with no legal issues. Otherwise, I know they will not accept the images!


I did this a while back somewhere. Anyway, just to confirm, yes I do indeed renounce my copyright to any and all images I used in this contest. :slight_smile:

And thanks everyone for the congrats.



Awesome. gets working


Sure, no problem. I give up the rights and blahblahblah. My real name is Angel Lucas, and I�m from Stockholm, Sweden. Don�t forget to add that in that mail!


Ok, I am going to send off the email, the page is ready: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/contest2.php

EDIT: The email has been sent, keep your fingers crossed!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah, I do. Kind of late to say it, but it WAS a given :smiley: