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The Golden Hat #2: Rykarth the Unbreakable

A big welcome back to everyone! On the heels of the Nemesis Campaign we have decided to hold our second Golden Hat painting competition. This time around everyone’s task is to create and paint a model for [[Rykarth the Unbreakable]]! This guy was created by Games Workship USA, and is a special character for use in Megabattles for the Nemesis Campaign. Regardless of whether you live in the USA this is a chance to get the Chaos Dwarfs a little attention. We will send all entries to GW US (assuming everyone agrees) in hopes that they use an image of an entry on their website.

Here are the rules for Rykarth:

Rykarth the Unbreakable. Known for his Toughness, Rykarth is said to be among the most courageous of his kind. This Chaos Dwarf hero was present in the forges of Zharr Naggrund when Archaon brokered his deal for the dreaded Hellcannons. It is said that Rykarth was able to meet the withering gaze of the Lord of the End Times without looking away. A few moments later, Archaon agreed to the exorbitant price demanded by the forge lords.

Chaos Dwarf Hero (60)

Great Weapon (4)

Armor of Gazrakh (30)

Cost: 94

Special Ability in Nemesis Crown Mega Battles: If Rykarth is included in a Chaos Dwarf army in a Nemesis Crown Mega Battle, the army may not include a Battle Standard Bearer. Instead, Rykarth counts as a Battle Standard Bearer, such is the respect and discipline he commands from his fellow Chaos Dwarfs.

Chaos Dwarfs

What do I have to do?

Create and paint a model for Rykarth.

Why would I want to enter a Chaos Dwarf Painting contest?

It’s time for the Summer Campaign 2007! And it’s a Fantasy one, what better way to get the spotlight on the Chaos Dwarfs!?

How does this contest work?

To enter, just register on the Chaos Dwarf Online forum (which I’m assuming you are already since you’re reading this), and PM your painted entries to any Administrator (Grimstonefire, Xander or The Flying Beaver) by Sunday, June 24th, 2007. Entries will be posted on the website. Monday, June 25th, 2007 (Nemesis Registration Day), and a poll will be created for users to vote for the winning entry. (You will not be able to vote for yourself.) You have roughly four and a half weeks, so get to it!

The run down:

- Create and paint the Chaos Dwarf Hero, [[Rykarth the Unbreakable]]

- PM your painted entries to an Admin by Sunday, June 24th, 2007 in the form of up to 4 pictures.

- Cast your vote starting Monday, June 25th, 2007. The poll will close on June 27th, the first day of the Nemesis Campaign.

- All entries will be emailed to GW US.[/i]

Contrary to last time, Entries may be posted as soon as they are done! This way we can encourage a call-to-arms for all Chaos Dwarf armies! Let’s get started!


I can’t wait to get my Rykarth done.

I think this will be a very interesting competition as everybody will see Rykarth differentely.

Good luck to everyone who entends on entering!


Nice plan to get us sending the images to GW US.��They seem to be much more receptive to showing hobby stuff done by the public.��So that would be a real reason for everyone to give this their best effort ever!

Whilst we’re sending stuff. I might as well tag on a pic of my avatar model (not intended to be the Rykarth I send to GW unless it turns out better than my actual entry).


Not sure if I’ll get around to doing something for this one. I have battle for skull pass miners that I don’t know what to do with, so they’d be a convenient thing to convert. But I have to prepare my Lizardmen for battle, and quite unfortunately the deadline for this is directly in my exam period. So hopefully I’ll manage something, but it’s iffy.

Lord Archaon:

I’m in.:slight_smile: The idea of sending our models pics to the GW is the best prize to imagine.:cheers

The Raven:

very good idea. I have a Doomseeker that has been waiting to be turned into a chaos dwarf for quite some time now…


Oh boy! It’s going to be a close-run thing for me time-wise (I have to go to China next week), but I’ve just realized what my entry is going to be…



woooaaah, I still don’t know how to paint minis w/o colors :wink:

I tried a “Blue Tack” CD already. Let’s see, if I manage to take part

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have some ideas for mine, but not sure if I’ll find time to make it. And my painting isn’t excellent, but if I DO make it, I’ll pm two/three unpainted and one/two painted.


Since I became a GW staffer, I have the White Dwarf model already. It’s got nice scale mail armour and best of all the head is not attached to his body. So it’s an easy job. I will probably make one from that. :slight_smile:


Since I became a GW staffer, I have the White Dwarf model already.��It's got nice scale mail armour and best of all the head is not attached to his body.��So it's an easy job.��I will probably make one from that. :)

DAMMIT!!! That's exactly what I was going to do. Only I was keeping my mouth shut about it... I've been excited about it for several days now, along with chopping up Gotrek to make a Bull Centaur Hero.





Hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: May the best craftsman win! >:]


It’s good to know that his head is separate. I was afraid of dremelling all that stuff away.

Now all I gotta do is think of something to do with Bugman. And wait for my stuff to arrive of course.



Bugman will need some dremel-action, but otherwise he is very well suited to be a Chaos Dwarf as well.


So it must be conversion, or it could be sculpted from bases?


It doesn’t have to be a conversion. Any suitable model you create will do. Keep in mind it would be best to keep it GW-safe if we are to be sending the pics to GW US.


I’ve sent my entry.


- Kyte


I’m really looking forward to seeing this Kyte!


Uzkul Werit:

I already have the perfect model. A Hellcannon crewman standing onto of the Demon head that came with a Games Day model a few years back!


I’ll enter, just so long as I can get a working camera and figure out how to post pics