[Archive] Golden Hat #4 - Voting Thread!


Below are the 5 Entries received. In the spirit of non-biased voting, each of them is given a number. Pick which one you like the best, and cast your vote. All votes will be made public, and thus we shall know if people are creating accounts to vote for themselves, etc. It would also be appreciated if you tell us why you voted the way you did.

Sorry for the delay everyone! Time to get voting! :hat off

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Cast your vote now!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the bold colours and the use of chains and variety in the models of entry one, but the bold colours imply that they are very healthy and so are either fresh slaves (who would be too rebellious) or well kept (unlike my view of the slaves of CD).

I like the use of zombie parts to give them an emaciated look and I like the variety, however, I think perhaps too much variety in such a small number of models. Maybe these five races in a unit of 35+? Not sure.

Entry 3: I like the idea, but have seen them many times before and don’t see them entirely as slaves.

I like the poses and the variety, but the models look somehow… dusty. I’m not a brilliant fan of the less-cleanly sculpted older models, which is what these appear to be.

Little conversion work here, although it is subtle. The painting is simple, yet neat. Improvements would be painted eyes and maybe some chains or make the cloth look more rugged and worn out.

In the end, I shall say…

Entry number 2.

Congratulations to all for producing wonderful models and despite my criticisms (which are intended to be helpful, not hurtful) they all look brilliant and slavular to me! Now, only if I could have a unit of each so I have 5 slave units that look cool :smiley: (P.S. Let’s guess which is mine!)

Ghrask Dragh:

Good entries guys! :hat off

I voted for #1 because of the great use of chains, rock carrying conversion and (mainly because of) the goblin conversion!! all that is missing I think is some Whip lashes on their backs, of all of the entries these are what I think represent slaves the best.



I voted 2 because of the skinny dwarf slayer. That made it pop out, at least to me.


I hate the idea of fighting slaves (thats why I didn’t even considered to enter GH IV), don’t see them fitting in with CDs. But a chained pack of slaves with stones could do - my vote goes for entry #1.

And very well done everyone - great work :hat off

And then I’ll hope that GH V will be a true CD theme :wink:


I voted for number 2. All though a bit muted in terms of colors, its easy to see tell just what these guys are. Bravo to all how entered and great job all around!


I like all the entries.

Entry 1 is pretty cool, After the voting is closed I’d like to see a better photo of the orc on the right of the regiment base. Perhaps the one who did that could pm me a link :wink:

Entries 4 and 5 are a little blurred, and because entry 5 isn’t based it automatically wouldn’t get my vote. Sorry.

I had to vote for entry 3. Its so bizarre it really defies logic!?!? Simple but effective I think.


Robots or fishman…robots or fishman…

Well, the robots are pretty awesome, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them before, so I think I will go with fishman! That is, #2. Also, the emaciated slayer is pretty great. What an ironic demise!

EDIT: I wrote the wrong number. /shame


I vote for #1, though #2 was a very close second.


I voted for 1, i like it he best, and that gobbo makes me laugh:)


This one is particulary dificult since there are no cd.

Il say number 2, because of the use of zombie sprue and that wierd monster in the middle.

Kera foehunter:

i voted for 3 it so cool !!a robots and a slaver robot with a chaos shield it so evil


I voted No 1. Nicely detailed models, good paint job and effectively- a coherent unit. I love the chains.

Congratulations to all who entered.


i voted 2 fishman!

whoever convert number 3, we’ve seen them quite alot and wasnt unique for this comp so doesnt count in my opinion,

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I vote for #1, for a very good combination of lava bases, chains and miserable slaves. The conversions are IMO a little bit better executed in number 2, but I prefer strong colours over the very faded and pastel-like colours of the second entry. Kudos also to whoever made entry 3, and thumbs up for the originality of the entry. :wink: These constructs are not exactly recognisable as slaves, though, so my vote goes to #1.


This is a pretty difficult one to vote on. Like the previous competitions it amazes me how almost everyone takes a different approach. #1 looks good, some nice converting, but they don’t say much to me. Although #3 looks great and are my favourite to look at, they lack much that ties them to CDs or even Warhammer. I still can’t decide if they are valves or fairy-light bulbs. I’ve gone for #2, they look like proper slaves, unhealthy and ragged. The appearance of a fishman is always nice! It has really cemented in my mind that the best slaves for our army would be made from the zombie models with different heads. This pretty much embodies what these competitions are about and that is why I’ve picked them.


I like no1. There is some nice conversion work in no2, but in the end they were too diverse and the pastel colours were slightly offputting, great job nonetheless. No3 I’d seen before and (not to sound harsh) more effort could have been put into the actual mechanism of them, i.e how does a tripod with no knee joints move forward. I also think that a boss/slaver should not have been modelled as per the rules of the comp. No4, good effort and every figure converted. No5, not based and (bit of a cardinal sin in my book) the slaves have weapons. Have we learnt nothing from the rebellion :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end i went for no4, for sheer effort. Although the result is far from perfect, it has heart

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