[Archive] Golden Hat #6 - Winner!


Damn, only 6 votes? Ah well. I guess it wasn't really that dynamic, and the base sucked.

If it is any consolation, I really like the helm and beard on your entry, well done!

Also, I think that it is fantastic that every entry got voted for more than once, it speaks volumes for the tough competition, and vast amount of skill in this community!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Revlid, you got two votes more than I did :wink:


HB, you dont give yourself nearly enough credit!

I was very happy to see some of your work, and there are a lot of features of your model i REALLY enjoy. Some of the best examples for me, are the 4-horned helm, the ‘beartrap’ feature on his belt, and most especially the mancatcher. Your daemon-bound mancatcher (if you forgive my presuption) is something I had never even considered until I saw yours, and frankly I am jealous I didn’t come up with the idea first! The thing looks completely devastating to the enemy, and I am sure it could catch things with greater success than almost any presented!

I also think you did a bang up job painting, and would honestly like to see more of your work! From hobbyist to hobbyist, my only suggestion would be “don;t stop there”. What I mean by this is that you took all the time to get the paint neatly into the right spots, and that is pretty much the hardest part. Take that one step further, even when you think you have more than enough hightlight coats, you can always go one or two further! For example on your entry I think a dark earthy brown wash on the beard, followed by two more highlight coats successively lighter, would amp up the whole thing!

In any event, the dude is menacing, and just a fabulous take on the Gaoler and the mancatcher, I really enjoyed your entry, and look forward to seeing more.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks for the comments, Vexxus. Other than the main body, this model was pretty much scrapped together… it doesn’t look as I’d originally intended, but I shall go into details of how I made him and what I wanted him to look like before I began in a Mordheim Warband Blog I shall start once I can get some more time (going out soon). The bear-trap was intended to be a collar with inwardly pointing spikes (made from an Ogre beartrap, he he he), but turned out to be a little thick… The daemon-bound man-catcher was more because thosewere the parts I had to hand, he he he. I’m not one for daemonically bound things, ya see, but I thought “Why not?” (mostly because I coudn’t be bothered to look for other parts).

Thanks for the constructive criticism as well. To be honest, I used flat colours (I may have used ink on the beard, but I doubt it. I did black ink the base though!).

One thing to point out: this model likely wasn’t thought to be mine until it was revealed because in the previous GHs, people have pointed out that I’ve just painted the base a flat colour and so it wasn’t complete, I also didn’t have a big hat and gave him daemonic equipment, so I think some people may have been surprised, he he he.


A slave to anybody who can guess what model mine is based off. Game on