[Archive] Golden Hat #7 - Voting Thread


Below are the 6 Entries received for Golden Hat, congratulations to all who entered.

As per the rules for Golden Hat when less then 10 entries are received only the Golden Hat- Gold medal will be awarded this time around. Additionally since there are less then 10 entries in we can use the poll functionality. Therefore there will be no need to send in votes to the Golden Hat account as for GH V and VI; simply vote in the poll for the entry you think is best.

The poll will run for 14 days so be sure to get your votes in.

Therefore in the spirit of non-biased voting, each of them is given a number.  Pick which one you like the best, and cast your vote.  All votes will be made public, and thus we shall know if people are creating accounts to vote for themselves, etc. It would also be appreciated if you tell us why you voted the way you did. If you have criticisms of the entries, please make them constructive ones.

Entry #1


Entry #2


Entry #3


Entry #4


Entry #5


Entry #6



Cast your vote now and again congratulations to all who entered, good job everyone!


It came to 2, 3 & 6 for me… As I felt they are the best painted, then I went to the overall theme and whats going on. 2 looks to me like its more of a Scene than a Duel… (it looks like he is Repairing the machine) and it is very cluttered in the pictures available… I think with better angles it could be better… Again, I don’t think it fits the genre of the Contest well enough (sorry to who did it). 3 is a perfect example of a duel in my opinion. lets see if i get this right… Hobbo slave steals the Sorcerer’s hat and staff and when the Sorcerer finds out and tries to kill him he uses magic to turn his beard against him? Awesome story involved is this one. and painted very well. 6 Looks great and the duel theme is well suited, I like the use of purples in this one.

In short I voted 3. Duel mainly to it making me laugh the sharp attention to details such as the robe and the expressions. as well as the overall presentation of the duel’s story.

Pyro Stick:

I voted for entry 6. I like how it looks like there is a lot of action going on, like its a photo of an epic battle in progress. A sorcerors duel is my kind of duel. I would of liked to have seen more pics of it though…


For me it had to be entry 6; very dynamic and the best paint job and originality out of the bunch. I also liked 2 and 4; 5 was okay, but I don’t like it when people write on the bases. Nonetheless, winners and losers, great work everyone! :hat off

Lord Archaon:

I like every entry. But my favorites are 2 and 5 entry. I’ve voted for 5th because it’s very original and has a snow theme, that is very hard to acomplish.


So this is my opinion of all the entrances:

#1: The first entry did not really woke any emotions in me. It´s not really good made, neither painted (none or too few highlights) nor converted.

#2: Really great, both painting and modelled. But just as Servius said, it looks as the CD is repairing that machine. And it looks a little too much 40k for my taste.

#3: This one really had everything I would want for this competition. Painted well and have a funny tematic.

#4: Great painted, really liked the rat ogre. But don´t know… The blunderbusses doesn´t seem to care that a big monster is running toward them. Shouldn´t they kind of point their weapons against him to shoot him down? And the lava effect wasn´t really that good compared to many others on this site.

#5: I like the idea of this one, but the painting of the dwarf, as well as that he doesn´t take attention to the one that attacks him from behind. For some reason I see snow more to be related to normal dwarfs, as “dawi zharr”(sp?) means fire dwarfs.

#6: This one is really cool! Would like to see more pics of it, as I think that you really can´t see all the details from those pics.

So I voted for entry #3. It was the one I thought had the most things (just love that gnoblar with the hat, as well as the beard that attacks the dwarf) and that told a story of two combatants that fought. entry #6 was also close, but it needed to show more pics from different angles so you get what really happens in that fight.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’ll have to take some more time to decide for whom I will vote. I have a few particular favourites, but the pictures are not the best. There seem to be some lovely details that have not been covered with the pictures, so it’s my hope that those who entered the competition will show larger photos / more of them once a winner has been declared. In any way, very nice stuff again, I also really like the humour in some of them! :hat off


There were a few I really liked.

#3 made me smile, at first I thought the Hobgoblin stole the hat! I noticed the Chaos Dwarf holding his bear back (now snakes)… and I thought that was really well thought out. The fallen banner is kinda cool too. I like it a lot.

#4 was pretty cool, it’s almost as if the Blunderbuss are thinking “So, you’re a Rat Ogre. You jump to attack, we fire, you fall in lava, and we laugh.” Basically it kinda goes to how those blunderbuss are probably grizzled veterans that are thinking “Yeah, you’re a Rat Ogre. We fought Maneaters a week ago. Bring it.”

#6 was pretty cool too, looks like the CD is trying to hold the lava back… or ready to Tsunami it into the enemy. Very nicely painted.

I voted for three in the end. Still, good work folks!


I love the idea of the third entry! It’s both hillarious and well sculpted :slight_smile: All of the entries generally have some interesting ideas :slight_smile:

Gar Shadowfame:

I voted for 6, i think it presents the spirit of the theme in best way.


Pretty easy for an classic-nerd like me :slight_smile: - so putting a Marauder Mage in it - and it’ll get my vote :wink: - that model is just the best Citadel (Marauder) miniature ever - and by giving him the lore of ice it came down pretty unique too :hat off

But - all in all - great work to all. Very, very nice entries - but some of the entries could really do with some close up’s - so you could acutally see the idea behind the diorama. Maybe it’s time for a 101 about taking pictures :wink:

Pyro Stick:

For some reason I see snow more to be related to normal dwarfs, as "dawi zharr"(sp?) means fire dwarfs.

Thats not necessarily true:



Well done to all those who entered.  Creating a duel with a story behind it is not easy.  

Just to point out that the ‘duel’ didn’t have to involve fighting (as shown in several entries), so it would be wrong to dislike those based on that.

I loved the blend of colours and conversion work on number 6.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Oh, gosh. Great job guys, just hate that everything in life meant I had to miss this one! All of them show some great concepts! Would like to repeat that more/better/closer photos of all of the entries after the poll would be a great thing, so please post them after the competition. I’ll have to figure this one out, I think I have it narrowed down to 6!


I liked the terrain of 6, and the wall of flame. plus, the colours work well together, eventhough there are a lot of colours, none of them are overdone. :slight_smile:

Now, this is not to say that the other ones aren’t good. infact, they’re ALL great… I sat here looking at each and every picture for minutes before choosing… excellent entries everyone!


I had to decide between #3 und #6. Both are nicely done and match the idea of a duel. While #6 has some superb modelling and painting #3 is more humorous - and thats whats made my decision.

So its #3 for me


For some reason I see snow more to be related to normal dwarfs, as "dawi zharr"(sp?) means fire dwarfs.

Thats not necessarily true:


Pyro Stick
That someone put some snow on their bases does not contradict what I said. This sorcer uses snow/ice spells, which is the contrary of the fire spells that chaos dwarfs normally use. And what I wrote was not wrong: http://chaos-dwarfs.com/wiki/index.php?title=Dawi_Zharr (well, almost not, as it was "Dwarfs of the Place of Fire")


After much deliberation no3 got my vote the humour and nostalgic reference to Snakebeard the warmachine maker won it for me. no5 and no6 where close but just pipped at the post ,overall excellent entries with some great ideas:hat


Hmm, 3 and 6 are my faves. I like the ‘living’ beard which I think is very original but don’t like it that it’s a Gnoblar being the opponent…

In the end 6 wins out as I think the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer rocks! I must say I’m not too fond of the fire caster and I feel the pics are letting piece down a lot…


6 for me as well , very dramatic makes you feel as if you are there, the colours really work , more pics please