[Archive] Golden Hat #8 - Prizes Officially Announced!


uh,prizes... :o
now its not a fun competition any more,this becomes serious:~

Well, most of us don't know about the prizes until some time after we've started our entry, so it limits the seriousness of it all.

Actually I think it's really cool. It sounds like the way we used to do tournaments, leagues and competitions back at my old LGS, where the store or gamers would put up prizes (Since GW stopped backing leagues with prizes in our area some time around 2003).


I hope that includes the boar demi'!

Ghrask Dragh
cannot guarantee this right now... but I can guarantee 28mm CDs...:)

That's almost like a prize to all of us :D - looking so much forward to see you take on our babies - please let us in during the process - bring us your WIPs please.

So there is more than 20 entries, already :D

Cool prizes - and a chaos-dwarfs.com e-mail address should really be motivation enough for me to finish my entry - but I'll not be getting much sleep the next 7 days.


I have no idea how many entries there will be. But I didn’t want that to matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyro Stick:

That email address would be a cool thing to have. The AOW cd would be a great thing to win as well since the exchange rate is soo bad and they have just put their prices up as well.


This is cool. I’d really like to win that canadian list. It’s back to the painting table for me, almost finished the scenic base and the slaves, only the crew and cannon left…


I realy should be kicking in and try to finsish it on time


I can donate some prizes for a future Golden Hat! Maybe a converted/painted mini or something like that? :cheers





Hashut’s Blessing:

Now I’m even more bummed I didn’t have time to enter lol :stuck_out_tongue: Still, they went to good people :wink:


im offering a AoW chaos dwarf too i have a spare

ill send it to the winner, i might also have a plastic old school chaos dwarf spare too with shield , i just wish to help and really im to embarrassed to enter my abomination


before entries are revealed I have good news! :slight_smile:

Scibor visited me a few days ago and brought molds with the first SMM chaos dwarf - we planned to reveal it a bit later buuuuut because there’s a contest on CDO we thought such model could be nice addition to prizes pile :slight_smile:

all 3 winners of GH#8 will get brand new and YET UNAVAILABLE in online store chaos dwarf model!

presented pics are still “hot” - we wanted to place the announcement asap so the model hasn’t been even undercoated;

and for those who won’t get it now - no worries: the model will be available soon in the online store together with even more chaos goodies…:cheers


WOW ,theres alot going on with that mini .The breastplate and helm look great ,would love to see it painted .Squash that inferior head:D

Thats another great prize,CDO Gets better every day :hat

Ghrask Dragh:


Thats an amazing prize!! :hat off guys, thank you very much!

A very cool mini indeed, I will buying one of those as soon as it comes out. The cloak, the hammer and the helm, everything is just so good!



does the happy Swiss dance

That is one cool figure! really hopes he pulls something off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thanx for all the great prize donations guys! You’re really tops and making this site awesome! Glad I could be here.


Aye, very nice figure. Be a trick to stick a hat on him but I’d sure try.

Thanks for putting them up.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

WHOOOO HOOOOO !!!!!! im going to for shure now!!!
gh8 is a girl only contest right???

Didn't see this until now! Looks like I'll have to get that operation pretty soon! LOL!


I have just had a chat with Ghrask D about a suitable general for my army. Think I might have found the answer :D

Will definitely buy one of those when thay will be available


- and thats such a cool prize - think our GH-competitions will pretty soon be all about 'money' ;)


Wow the loot for this is getting downright awesome!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I wonder how these prises are getting out to us? Through PM’s?