[Archive] Golden Hat V, single miniature or multiple miniatures


I this a poll related to the discussion on the Golden Hat V thread.


Would you like to see Golden Hat V be a single miniature or a group of miniatures?

Kera foehunter:

How does one join in this since i miss 4 of them .

i say single minni if i can get in!!!


I vote one, altho I confess that I don’t really have a specific reason.


I vote one because it is easier. (yay for being lazy.)

Pyro Stick:

I vote single because you have more time to spend doing a good job of it. Wth multiple you are rushing to finish them all for a deadline.


I vote one model, and a longer time, it’s just, with college, work and life I get about 3 hours a week to paint, and I have a few armies to work on then

but hey, thats just me:)


Looks like one model is running away with it…

Lord Archaon:

I vote for a single model, cause it’s a lot easier and cooler.:slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it depends upon what peope would like to paint. If it is a unit, paint 5 models. That way, people can see the feel of the unit. As for time constraints, 6 weeks to paint 5 rank and file is a long time, considering many of you plan to paint half armies in 2 weeks :smiley: As for characters and warmachines, just the one model because they are meant to be seen individually. That’s my tuppence. I can’t vote as a result because it depends upon whether people want to paint a unit or a character/warmachine.

Kera: Wait until the GH opens, make and paint your model/models as required by the competition, upload four pictures with a neutral (usually white) background and PM to Mr. Xander.