[Archive] Golden Hat XIX - Voting!


Golden Hat #19 - K’daai Destroyer

Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to Golden Hat. We had 24 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 24 slaves once the winners have been announced. Also, because there were more than 10 entries, there will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze Golden Hat medals up for grabs!

How to vote:
PM Golden Hat with the three numbers of the entries you like best!

And remember!

Additionally, when you cast votes you must vote for your 3 favorite entries.  Each (more or less) anonymous entry below is numbered ranging from 1 to 24. After one(ish) week, we will post the results. All staff will have access to the votes if you have a problem with the voting or have questions as to how to vote, likewise, contact one of us.

There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like we will do the rest.

Voting will close May 31st, at 11:59pm EST

<1  <2   <3  <4 <5  <6  <7  <8  <9  <10  <11  <12  <13  <14  <15  <16  <17  <18  <19  <20  <21  <22  <23  <24

Good luck to all the entrants! :mask


Holy moly this is so cool! Look at the diversity of those models! This really shows of the creative talent of CDO!

It will be crazy hard to figure out which ones to vote for though… I’ll have to sleep on it.

Goltor Lintrepide:

WOW! I didn’t expect such a variety of creations! I tought �O had some chances on this one, but now it’s gone, there’s too much coolness in every of those Destroyers!

Good job everybody! :hat off

Da Crusha:

WOW. (APPLAUSE) very nice guys.


OMG, There are some really great modeling and painting going on there!!!



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Wow , just wow! It will be hard to figure out who to vote for… but I must say I see one clear winner. (and I never got that right but still)


but I must say I see one clear winner. (and I never got that right but still)

Agreed! And THAT'S GONNA BE ME (despite the fact that I didn't enter but, hey, the joke was too obvious not to make it)!!!!

I narrowed the choice down to 3 pretty easily this time (despite the general high level). And I'm so glad that XXX followed the advice I gave him on his blog :cheers! Obviously (just because of this) he is going to be the winner.

Fuggit Khan:

Hats off to all these entries…an AMAZING amount of diversity and creativity. It took me a very long time to narrow my favorite picks down to just 3 votes…all of these are so cool!

Good job everybody :hat off


Amazing entries guys!


Well done everyone! And I was worried the release of the forge world Chaos Dwarfs might stifle our creativity…how wrong I was!! :slight_smile:


Great work, guys and gals! Very different ideas and as expected some are what I imagined in a destroyer and some are not so.

Easy to point 5 or 6 favorites, reducing that to three will make me think.




Truely amazing … :o All did a bloody fantastic job. Well done, guys (and girls?) :hat off


Awesomesauce! :cheers


I won’t be just sleeping on this one. Gunna take a lot of reviewing to come close to picking the “three”


This is some great stuff. Really impressed. Picking three will be hard - although two seems given, the third is harder to choose.

Ghrask Dragh:

Holy hashut, great stuff, this is going to be tough. Hats off to all who entered guys.


Some great stuff in this contest. There are many worthy models to pick but in the end I went with my first impressions.


These are all awesome. There are some immensely creative people on here and all of these deserve a medal of some sort just for developing their ideas.

There are sseveral I would love to vote for but as I’m only allowed to vote for three I’ll have to have a bit of a think and a closer look at the pictures once I get home from work.