[Archive] Golden Hat XVII: And the winners are



The latest Golden Hat was very hard fought indeed, with no fewer than twenty three entries and a staggering one hundred and sixty eight votes cast! In the end though there can be only one top prize, so the winners of Golden Hat XVII are…




These three win immortality (of sorts) in the Winner’s Gallery, as well as Golden Hat medals for their profiles. These will be winging their way to you along with slaves for all those who participated very soon.

Congratulations to the winners and well done all who entered! and a special mention to DAGabriel who came very close indeed to snatching third place. :hat off


Here is the key to the entries

01 Nappo

02 warh

03 rob and roll

04 Dervish Helldance

05 Abecedar

06 Loki

07 Zanko

08 Lord Aldades

09 GeneralKale

10 Unzul

11 Herby

12 vulcanologist

13 tjub

14 Vaftrudnir

15 Bassman

16 Bolg

17 bas_2312

18 JMR

19 Skink

20 Engra1980

21 Dezmord

22 DAGabriel

23 ryanamandaanna


Congrats to the winners, but it might help a bit if you gave us the entry numbers or posted the winning images again. Think people would actually like to see what entries that did win :smiley:

I know for sure what Skink and Bolg did, but Engra1980?? - so a list of entries with all user names would be nice :smiley:

EDIT: That really helped, thanks :hat off


Congratulations, winners! And congratulations to all participants on owning a cool new warmachine!


Well done to everyone who entered :slight_smile:

Lava Lord:

Congrats to the three winners, well deserved. And to all the entries, congrats. It was a great contest…


Thank you so much everyone!!! I am extremely happy that you enjoyed my creation, I took inspiration from Ishkur’s Earthshaker. I wasn’t expecting to win! Honestly!

Great job to all the people who entered, this was (IMO) the most interesting Golden Hat to date!!!


Congratulations to the winners


Compliments to everybody! This has been a fantastic Golden Hat.


Congratulations to the winners! I really enjoyed the effort everyone put into this Golden Hat, once again. It really showed, great entries guys!


Well there are those people that say, 2nd place is first loser… I’m more of a participation is more important than winning kind of guy… But now I’m the 2nd loser! And that makes me very nerdly happy indeed, I’m getting a pixelated medal!! (:

Congrats to Skink and Engra, you both had my vote. and ofcourse congrats to all who entered (:


WOOT!!! congrats to the top three and the 20 other entrants! truly some great war machines. This couldn’t have been easy

Da Crusha:

Congrats guys. excellent war machines!


Hey-Ho! I’m guessing 2 of 3 :slight_smile: Congrats to the winners! Also congrats all participants, you have excellent war machine now!


Congrats to the winners some great conversions:cheers


Congrats to the winners, though only 1 of my three votes is represented. Great work!

Singleton Mosby:

Very nice work. Congrats lads and Hats off :hat off


Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Hats off to the winners (and the rest of us) :hat off


all the entries were very impressive, congratulations to the winners and every one who entered




Congratulations everyone especially skink… Great stuff! To be honest I think this was the first time I didn’t vote for the winner but the standard was exceptionally high and IMO just about any could have won!