[Archive] Golden Hat's 5 and 6 Now Enshrined!


Things are slowly getting back on schedule, and as evidence of that, I have now completed pages for both Golden Hat #5 and #6 in the Painting Contests section of the web site! Take a look, and let me know if I goofed anything up!

While making these pages I began implementing a more layout code for use on all pages, and I will be slowly transferring all of the old pages into the new format. This will allow me to make changes across all pages, should I need to add a link to the menu on the left, for example. I will be able to change it on one source page which will be referenced by all others, instead of having static links on every page, as it exists now. Jargon aside, it should help speed up updates and will allow for more flexibility in the future.


-Xander :cheers


Great! Now to put the results on Wiki, I see there are a few missing there!:wink:

P.s; the link to Wiki doesn’t work for me, anyone else got this problem?


the wiki finaly works again, so no the link is working for me


Ya, it seems the wiki depends on having PHP5 working, and for some reason my .htaccess file which should control that, seems to get deleted on a regular basis somehow. So it’s a quick fix, I just put it back.

Good to have the contests online at last, more web site work ahead!

Ghrask Dragh:

Good stuff Xander, it’s good to see we have a wide range of people winning these comps instead of 1 or 2 taking everything home with them like on some other sites :rolleyes:

I have no hope of a medal, I haven’t even entered one competition :frowning:

Next time, next time I’ll enter :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad ya got them up and managed to set up a system that makes life easier for you :wink: So, have you any idea why your do-dah gets deleted so often?


Terrific being able to look through all those figures in one fell swoop.

Nice job.


Goofed up: Despite the tempting alliteration it’s “Black Dwarfs” not “Dark Dwarfs”. :wink:

EDIT: And I just noticed that the page’s title is Golden Hat 5, not 6. Copy-paste I guess…


Goofed up: Despite the tempting alliteration it's "Black Dwarfs" not "Dark Dwarfs". ;)

EDIT: And I just noticed that the page's title is Golden Hat 5, not 6. Copy-paste I guess..

Good catches! Fixed. :)