[Archive] Good alternative Death Rockets


If anyone is looking to buy some Death Rockets that won’t cost the earth (i.e. not from eBay) then these figures by Grendel seem like a good alternative:


they look pretty cool, although im not familiar with grendel so i wouldnt know the size comparison, the smaller of the two look better, but the really big one fits a death rocket more. a little converting and it would be perfect!


I really like them, although they seem a little too crude for Chaos Dwarfs’ to be using.


I’ve used one empire rocket battery to make 3 death rockets. The sprue comes with the volley gun for $22, so just find an empire player that wanted the volley gun and not the rockets as I did!



The Empire ones look a bit too high tech for my taste.

The reason I liked the Grendel ones more was because they seem more medievallish (you heard me, medievallish, it’s a word I tell you!) :wink:


Cool, I like 'em. They’re “low-tech” but nothing a little converting can’t fix (not to mention spikes!)

Anyone else think the big one could be used as an earthshaker?