[Archive] Good alternative Earthshaker?


Check out the Goliath Warmachine (it’s about the 14th figure down, on the left hand column):



The picture is messed up so it’s hard to get an idea, but the barrel seems a little small to me. I’d rather use something more reminiscent of the Earthshaker model.


Looks good, hard to see though.


difficult to see im also not to sure of the barrel but the carriage is reminiscant of the old space marine cannons of khorne, which is more of a classic chaos look, a bit more gritty lol


The Swamp Creature looks like something out of a cheesy 70’s B movie “It came from beyond space”, the pics too distorted on the gun to tell properly but it looks good to me


They actually have a few things that can be useable for CD, if you can be bothered perusing through the site.

I might put an order through if my eBay sales yield enough revenue.


Meh. I have 3 Earthshakers so no reason to get any other model for me :stuck_out_tongue:

- Tallhat