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The Brain:

After much contemplation I have decided that I am done with Chaos Dwarfs online. Many one you out there are great, some however I find intolerable. The site and staff do not promote freedom of expression or ideas. The atmosphere of the site is a stifling one that discourages any opinions that differ from those of a select few. I refuse to be chastised by the staff of this site for challenging that which I know is wrong. The staff of the site wishes to promote ignorance and the spreading of slanderous lies. When I questioned this policy I was told, per Willmark, that �?othe best bet is to ignore that which you perceive to be ignorance and refrain from educating it�?�. This type of attitude is not indicative of the �?oopen minded environment�?� promoted in the sites mission statement that the staff members love to tout in peoples face. Nothing can be gained by the spreading of ignorance, other than the same old bland flaccid conversation. Of all places the internet should the place for freedom of expression. This site in general should promote free ideas, so many of you scorned GW for ignoring our cries for an update, but within the site only a few opinions are allowed.

This site of an �?oopen minded environment�?� gave me a warning today for expressing my opinion and challenging the ignorance of others. I was told by the staff that if I am a good little Nazi, I mean poster, for 6 months my warning will go away. To that I say I do not need this site and you can take your warning and sod off. I am disappointed in the staff for this action. If this is the attitude of the site then I want nothing to do with it. This site should be about the free exchange of ideas not the promotion of the staff�?Ts ideas or their friends. I have always thought that I have been very reserved in my postings. Now that I am leaving on my own free will I will tell some of you what I think.

Nicodemus and Joshmorh you guys are alright. Grimstone, AGPO, and Cornixt I think you guys are full of yourselves and a pompous. ThommyH, Baggronor, and Gar Shadowfame you guys are assholes, plain and simple, just assholes. Lastly of all people around here, I am disappointed in Willmark the most, as an American you of all people should understand the need for freedom of speech and expression, especially on today July 4th, our Independence Day. This is unforgivable.


Well now I guess that’s all she wrote on this one.


Oh dear.

Tempting though it is just to reply “Godwin’s Law” and leave it at that, Brain, you’ve willfully missed the point. You were warned for your posting style, which was reported by several different members for being overly hostile and offensive. It was the manner of your posts which led us to have to ask you to change your style so many times. I’m very sorry you don’t seem to have gathered this, as personally I’ve enjoyed your blogs. Thanks for your critique of members of this site by the way, you can be sure that Grim and I especially value your opinions, and I’m sure Willmark also enjoyed being quoted outof context like that. I often find that’s an underused device in online discussions…

It only remains for me to thank you for reducing my workload as a staffer here, as I will no longer have to field complaints about you. The thought of all that extra free time is making me giddy, I could use it finally read War and Peace or take that trek through the Swiss Alps.

Anyway so long, and I hope you find a site more receptive to your style.


Ironically for a post defending yourself from a warning, this is flaming.

We warned you for a very good reason Brain.  Buck up or leave.  Simple.

Seeing as I haven’t commented directly to you Brain, I think you would do well to look at the ‘report post’ function on any forum you post on.  It is there for a reason, to allow the staff to deal with unpleasantness so that members don’t do it publically and earn themselves warnings for flaming…

I post this publically, because it’s exactly because of posts like these that the staff need to remind people about this function, so much hassle that could have been avoided if the proper channels had simply been used in the first place.

Thread locked.


A small note on freedom of expression.

Chaos Dwarfs Online is a website that primarily deals with the Warhammer Army, Chaos Dwarfs. This should come as a shock to no one. Within that scope, freedom of expression is revered and embraced by all of CDO’s members. All opinions are welcome and all opinions are open to being refuted by others. Discussions of Warhammer lore and canon are very informative and useful for all members.

Topics that go beyond this scope, however, such as religion and politics, are better left to forums and message boards that deal directly with these topics. The staff aren’t here to moderate such discussions, they are here to read about Chaos Dwarfs, just like everyone else. I ask that you keep this in mind when posting.

I, myself, am a rather large proponent of legal free expression, so if you want to discuss that topic in its own right, feel free to contact me and we’ll have a nice chat outside of CDO.