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Hey everyone,

I’m finally starting to actually get stuff done!  With my Warriors army nearly complete (just finishing up a Daemon Prince), I can now start my next army!  Ofcourse, instead of using the other three armies I’ve already bought I’ve decided to go with Chaos Dwarves!  I’ve already bought some and have been working on getting them assembled.  However, I thought I’d show off the two Hellcannons I’ve finished, one which has an Infernal Guard model that I’ll be using as the colour scheme.  Both of these Hellcannons are for my Nurgle Warriors, so they are a bit more grimy then Hashut may like, but not by much!

Still sketchy at getting pictures to work, so hopefully this goes through!

Warrior’s Hellcannon

Hellcannon Mk2!

The Chaos Dwarf!

Its very snowy, but when the Chaos Dwarves start marching out it’ll be on more of a desolate plains type of basing.  I’m thinking something more tan to offset the darkness of the armour.  With the new Mk2 Hellcannon this ol’ dwarf didn’t need additional crewmen.  He just needed a bit of the ol’ carrot to keep the beast moving in the right direction.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated! I hope I did it right!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



looking good, though I personally am m not a huge nurgle fan. Nice little christmas gremlin though. The crewman and his armour look very good and I really like the heat effect on the face of the hammer. Not all over-the-top blazing fire that suits K’Daii and such, its just hinting at the heat hidden with-in


Hey there!,

Yeah, unfortunately for that fellow he’s going to have to wander around with a stinkin’ Plaguehost until he gets a promotion. I don’t usually like anything I’ve painted, especially for a first time run, but I am surprisingly happy with how he looks. With that amazing feat the girlfriend has said I should actually finish the Chaos Dwarves since I’ve never liked anything before. That’s basically free reign to buy 30 blunderbussfellows and another siege engine.


Thanks for lookin’!


I don’t know how you managed to translate “you can finish something” into “go buy more”! Good luck, that is a trick I’d love to know…


I love the idea of the “fresh ammo” that is chained to the base.


Looking good keep the pics coming



Thanks for the comments guys.  These mind tricks of “go buy more” are kind of tricky.  Luckily for me, she’s been pretty supportive of my insanity so while I maaaaay have 4 more unpainted/unassembled fantasy armies and one uncomplete 40k army sitting in the closet she said I should go ahead with the dwarves so I can buy some more stuff ^_^.  Joy!

With that said I threw my beastmen back into their dark crevice and pulled out the 30 Ironguard and 3 Daemonsmiths to get to work on them.  Once I finish this Nurgle Daemon Prince I’ll be back on the saddle to try and get some more pictures up.  When that happens I’ll start an army diary so you can see the power!

Thanks again guys!

@Bolg - yes! This ammo seems more mobile with the right prodding, and with the Mk2 design you don’t need as many hard working dwarves to shovel all that refuse into the backside of the cannon. Saves on labour costs!


And if anyone is particularly good at telling people what to buy next, I threw up an army list to help me decide what else I’ll need to order.  A Destroyer, though apparently awesome, is not something I’ll likely achieve at the moment.  So I’m thinking either another siege engine or a gaggle of hobgobbos.  For 2500 I’m thinking definatly a nice big screen of hobgoblins, maybe a siege engine, and the Great Taurus may be good ideas.

Wish me luck!

Kera foehunter:

very nice work , love both of the hell canon models …But the hobgoblin with the Santa hat rule


Tha…that’s a Nuuurgling!


Thanks though :smiley: