[Archive] Gorgon bull!?!?


Seems Dungeons and Dragons have a version of the traditional Gorgon based on a bull?  For what I gather I think they were the first to do this, back in the 80’s or something.

Anyhow, it presents an interesting twist on rules ideas (if he can turn things into stone), and there’s also a mini made that’s not bad really, though it might be a little small.


Looks like they based the concept on Khalkotauroi, the greek automaton bull (the name I use for Astragoth’s mount!)

Kera foehunter:

wow great figure if it to small it make a cool bull centaur!!

heck Pineville Kentucky !! road trip !!

that is a cool figure grims great find


Pretty interesting. The concept art is also nice and with a few modifications a model based on that would be awesome.

Thommy H:

There’s already a metal model based on this - the Reaper Gorgon that Kera used for her Great Taurus.

centauro enano:

He has very good looking, but something small? what is your size?