[Archive] Got a Giant?


Title says it all post your links to your painted Giant here.

As to why I need them? I guess you’ll have to wait and see.


Just any giant? Or in particular a giant attached/themed to a CD army?


Any giant does not have to be a CD themed one but preferably members of the site who have them.


nope no giant. I did get an 80’s ral partha giant, was about £2 off ebay, planning to use him in games of advanced hero quest or warhammer fantasy roleplay, but when i got him he was about the same height as a space marine terminator! oh well lol


Ok, here you go then.

From my Night Goblin army:

Is it a goblin giant, or a giant goblin?

Border Reiver:

And the three that inhabit the wilds of my cabinets:

This last guy was a multi-part kit put out by Citadel around 1982 (it was sold in a baggie, stapled to a card), and I’ve included Gotrex and Felix for scale - Giants weren’t as big in the old days.

And of course, a picture of my favourite giant - the Marauder giant.

This is wee Ben Nevis.  I picked him up in a trade several years ago for 8 of Oglah Khan’s Wolfriders.  I extended the tunic with green stuff into a kilt and repainted him.  A year or two ago year I glued some railroad foilage to the tree club , but some of it has come off.

Just for a comparison, here’s Ben next to the current plastic giant (Walker’s Christmas present):


GRNDL, your giant is ACE!


This is mine! :slight_smile:

If you need more pics just PM me!




And nr.2


As soon as I have a picture and one uploaded I will show you my giant, which I use for a warriors of chaos army


They are some nice giants :smiley:


@ Border - the Marauder giant is my favourite too! :smiley:

Lovely work, but in that kilt he really should be a ginger!


GRNDL, your giant is ACE!

Thank you, friend. He is one of my favourite figures, probably because of my greenskin fetish. :)




Lol, did we really need the butt shot?? :slight_smile:


I have a giant I converted to be jumping on something (not easy at all, the plastic model is hollow), but I haven’t finished it yet and it’s not painted.


I have 8 gaints ,Some of them are 33 years old as is there paintjob and they are the size of ogres :o an old citadel one is currently being painted for my CD army , i will add pics tomorrow in the right light :hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Got an old one by the name Boghalfandir, he probably killed more foes by falling on them than on purpose, but he did a remarkable job in my former beastmen and marauder armies nonetheless. :slight_smile:



Lol, did we really need the butt shot?? :)

Seconded. I think I just lost my breakfast... :S

Border Reiver:

It’s behind the tree over there - someone “found it” just a short while ago. And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go a clean something…