[Archive] Great Taurus "chapped skin"


Hi, this is my idea for a Great Taurus

Is a Spanish Souvenir (a little fragile) but i like the idea of the Black Skin with red lava in his interior;

Today i paint this taurus of Red an cut one leg, to put in another position…:cheers

Next…the Wings Quest :idea

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well it might be a bit big, but with a proper magma paintjob it will certainly look impressive! I like the pose a lot. Not sure how you will be able to fix wings on that thing, though.


It has a good pose to it. Probably the easiest way to attach wings would be as a horizontal one piece “wing” that you bend to get the right shape.

Kera foehunter:

that perfect!!! i love it the way it is look like treasure!!!


Thanks for comments.:hat off

The wing problem…

I think to use plastic wings (from dragon toys or another thing similary) and added with Greenstuff :idea

The lava paintjob…I’m not a great painter but…i try to make good.


Wing problem isnt or shouldnt really be one I would first make the throne for therider and then make a impression for the top of the model where you wish the saddle to go. Using Talc powder as a release powder make a square base for the throne ect (of your going to have a throne that is) then you can mount standard dragon type ones on the throne base and make similar mosaic base for wings wiht the miliput or kneedalite. not only that the base can and will be able to be removed once it has set. Just ensure to remove the relese powder before you re attach when you have finnished

Perhaps paint the whole thing in gloss (bear with me here) then use a cloth and wipe the yellow orange or red paint into the channeled looking areas ? painting small area at a time and

Clean black almost marbled like  Gloss surface



Paint wiped into cavity ?—>   /


then maybe take the gloss shine off by using a mat acrilic varnish


Awesome Taurus!

I´m eager to see your painting and how you will solve the “wing-problem”!



nice pose

this will look great painted,im sure

the wing problem:can´t you drill little holes into the bull and use sticks to fix the wings

then use some green stuff to smooth the edges

is that possible?


I’m searching for greenstuff and the wings…

my idea is a wings (a little small in comparative with dragon wings of workshop) and put in with greenstuff…and glue, but I don’t know the result…:sick

When Advance I put more pics…:hat off

Thanks for comments !!

Kera foehunter:

i used reaper miniature for my wings !! on my bull maybe check out there figures


that spanish look is awesome. the cracked look is definately something that you could show it’s inner lava glowing … very nice idea…