[Archive] Great Weapons


So I did a little search-fu, and did not come up with much on the subject.

Either that, or I missed things entirely, which tends to happen periodically.

Does anyone use GW wielding warriors in their army?

How do you use them?

Are they worth it?

I attempted to use them a few times, and all they have done is become a waste of points. They usually never get the charge, and cannot hold very well to one. The character I usually put in with them can never affect the combat enough to help sway resolution. It usually turns into a free banner/character for my enemy.

puppet gathering:

i use them very often, i find they are fantastic, i only ever field one unit with gw though as i have 2 units of warriors with hw on both sides of the gw unit, they do earn their points and are awesome for taking elite troops. and if some how you can get a charge in with them they tear even the most elite units to shreds.

and also if you are having problems getting a charge in i suggest getting a sorcerer with a couple of power stones and cast the following spell to get a good charge:

unseen lurker (lore of shadows)

it gives you an extra move even if its a charge. another good idea is cast steed of shados on a dwarf hero to tie them up in combat then use unseen lurker to get the charge in. and it ussualy worth the sacraqfice of your hero and every now and then he wont be killed. but make sure your hero isnt high on points maybe just have him with armour of gazrak.

i hope this helps


I personally dont like great weapons, but they tend to be a good thing. The plus 2 strength is very useful, and this allows a deduction in armour save and a good chance of wounding. The strike last isnt too bad since you will have heavy armour and toughness 4. If you take them in a block of 20, chances are you will kill a few guys in the first round and then have the enemy flee. you will probably never get the charge because of your movement, but, as i said, it isnt that big of a deal. All in all, i would probably take them if I where you. If they dont fit your strategy and they just end up being a waste of points, swap them for something that you think would complement your list, like hobgoblin slaves or more rare choices.


I would use them in a small squad of 10 (no standard) next to a larger squad of hw dwarves. I like my large blocks to receive changes and my great weapons to be the counter charging unit on the next turn. Consider it as part of a classic hammer and anvil set-up. You can have almost anything in your army in moderation (they just have to have a roll).


gw are only good on bull centaurs. if u do like maul sez then that would be ok but id rather spend the 110 points on hobgoblins


well, don’t forget the GW is a utility, you still own a shield for if you need it, the great weapon is there if you get charged by heavy knights/monsters with GWs, because then, your save won’t exist, and any survivours (at least 2 cham attacks) will krump a knight…or if you somehow get the charge


I like them though i think that the price of a CD warrior with the Great Weapon is high… but they are good.