[Archive] Greebo miniatures chaos dwarfs finally finished!


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Finally this team is available on store!

Team will be with 6 Dwarf, 6 Hobgoblin, 2 Bullcentaur, 2 BullMark, 1 Mark Generik.

6 Different Dwarf:

ONLY ARMS special Claw and Gun




Team Example

Loving this team, I know a lot of people arnt keen on the hobs but meh the dwarfs and centaurs are great as are the extras.

Apparently a minotaur may turn up in the future… but for now this team is all I need :wink: also for the next week or so the team (17 miniatures) is only �,�65!

Thommy H:

Baby Bull Centaur!

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those centaurs are awesome! if I dint already build 22 I would consider these guys for a unit in warhammer.


Very very nice indeed… Something else to buy methinks!


Niiiiiice, they’re looking really good :slight_smile:


I really like thse Chaos Dwarfs. The details on these are really nice. I like the snarlying mouths and the style of their hats … did I just say that out loud.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I must be in the minority then. I like the Hobgoblins very much though I’d have to stick weapons in all their hands. And the centaurs are some of the best I’ve seen. The Dwarves just look angry as opposed to evil so they’re my least favorite. Overall nice minis though!!

Grimbold Blackhammer


The CDs are great - the Hobbos looks more like the Formorians (I saw pics once in a comic which coined my imagination!) so not my liking!

All in all cool stuff and worth buying! :wink:



Hmm… Actually the more I look at them the more the hobgoblins are growing on me!


the cd are definately cool,really like them

but the hobbos look like something out of the second hellboy movie,not my style


They are pretty fearsome-looking. Love the one with his mouth wide open. The Hobgobs aren’t to my taste though.


agreed, CD awesome, goblins suck.


pretty impressed with all of them including the hobgoblins. I don’t mind their being differing styles in them at all


I like the hobgoblins too, maybe not as hobgoblins but I love them as miniatures. and Glad I dont collect big hats as the models have awesome conversion options.


I think they look pretty good…