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This is a completly fictional army I have been working at for a while based on the ancient greeks and some monsters.

Note: Only the Sphinx and Gastrohpetes have no points value for the moment, can I have some help with this please.


Hoplite Champion������������ Points/Model: 120


Hoplite Champion��4�����6��� 4����4��� 4��� 3���5���4����9

Equipment: Hand Weapon, Light Armour,

Options: May exchange light armour for heavy armour (+3pts).

����������������May take a heavy shield (+5pts).

����������������May use a great weapon (+4pts).

����������������May take 1 blessing.

����������������May ride a warhorse (+35pts), Pegasus (+50pts) or a Griffon (+200pts).

����������������If the Hoplite champion has the blessing of Poseidon he may ride a behemoth chariot replacing one of the crew (the value is not refunded).

����������������If a Hoplite Champion rides a Warhorse he may wear barding (+8pts).

����������������May choose a mix of magic items from the common or Atlantean magic items list with a maximum total value of 100pts.

Special Rules: Shield wall

Demi-God����Points/Model: 200


Demi-God��6����5���� 3����5�� 5����4����4��4����10

Equipment: Hand weapon

Options: A Demi-God must take 1 of the following options.

�������������� Son of Poseidon: +2 movement, aquatic, hand weapon replaced with spear���������������������� (cavalry rules), lore of life (+50pts).

�������������� Son of Hades: +2 weapon skill, gains second hand weapon, lore of death, (+50pts).

�������������� Son of Zeus: +2 attack, equipped with shield, +1ward save, lore of heavens, (+60pts).

Special Rules: Cause fear, 5+ ward save, lv2 mage, cannot join units, unit strength 4

Lampades�������������� Points/Model: 220


Lampades��5���� 3�� 0����3����4��� 3�� 3���1����9

Magic: A Lampades is a level 3 Wizard. She can use spells from the lore of death, heavens or��fire.

Options: May be upgraded to a level 4 Wizard for +35pts.

����������������May be given 1 blessing.

����������������May choose a mix of magic items from the common or Atlantean magic items list with a maximum total value of 100pts.

Special Rules: Confusion,


Hoplite Sergeant��������Points/model: 60


Hoplite Sergeant�4��� 5��� 4����4����3��� 2���5�� 3����8

Equipment: Hand Weapon, Light Armour

Options: May exchange light armour for heavy armour (+3pts).

����������������May use a great weapon (+2pts).

����������������May take 1 blessing.

����������������May ride a warhorse (+35pts) or a Pegasus (+50pts)

����������������If the Hoplite Sergeant has the blessing of Poseidon he may ride a behemoth chariot replacing one of the crew (the value is not refunded).

����������������If a Hoplite Sergeant rides a Warhorse he may wear barding (+8pts).

����������������May choose a mix of magic items from the common or Atlantean magic items list with a maximum total value of 50pts.

Special Rules: Shield wall

Temple Priest���������� Points/model: 80


Temple Priest� 4����3����3��� 3����3����2�� 3�� 1����6

Magic: A Temple Priest is a level 1 Wizard. They can use spells from the lore of death or heavens.

Options: May be upgraded to a level 2 Wizard for +35pts.

����������������May choose a mix of magic items from the common or Atlantean magic items list with a maximum total value of 50pts.

Herd Leader�������� Points/model: 75


Herd Leader���� 5���� 4��� 3����4��� 4����2�� 4���3��� 7

Ancient Leader�8���� 4����6����4��� 4����2�� 4��� 2���8

Note: Ancient leaders are centaurs in all respects, so they obey all rules for cavalry and have the special rules: Fast cavalry, Expert archers, Move through woods. Ancient leaders do not have the special rule Drunken when they are not in a unit of centaurs, if one joins a centaur unit he obeys the rule.

Equipment: Hand weapon, shield

Options: May take a great weapon (+4pts).

����������������May take 2nd hand weapon (+2pts).

����������������May be equipped with light armour (+2pts) or Heavy armour (+4pts).

����������������A Herd leader may be upgraded to an Ancient leader for +25pts.

����������������Ancient leaders only may take a bow for +2pts.

����������������May choose a mix of magic items from the common or Atlantean magic items list with a total value of 50pts.

Special Rules: Skirmishers, scouts(Herd leaders)

������������������������ Move through woods, Expert archers, Fast cavalry(Ancient leaders)

Core Units

Hoplites������������Points/model: 10


Hoplites���������� 4����3�����3��� 3�� 3����1�� 3�� 1��� 7

Hoplite Captain 4����3�����3��� 3��� 3����1�� 3�� 2��� 7

Unit Size: 10+

Equipment: Spear, shield, light armour

Options: May be given 1 blessing.

����������������Upgrade one Hoplite to a Hoplite captain for +10pts.

����������������Upgrade one Hoplite to a standard bearer for+10pts.

����������������Upgrade one Hoplite to a Musician for +5pts.

����������������A unit of Hoplites may take large shields for +4pts per model.

Special Rules: Shield wall

Hippikon����������������points/model: 20


Hippikon������������ 4���� 4���� 3����3�� 3��� 1���4���1���� 7

Hippikon captain��4���� 4���� 3����3��� 3��� 1���4���2����7

Warhorse�����������8������3��� 0�����3��� 3���1�� 3�� 1����5

Unit Size: 5+

Equipment: Spear, heavy armour

Options: May be given 1 blessing.

����������������May be given shields for +2 points per model

����������������May be given large shields for +4 points per model.

����������������May be given barding for +5 points per model.

����������������Upgrade one Hippikon to a Hippikon captain for +15pts.

����������������Upgrade one hippokon to a standard bearer for +15pts.

����������������Upgrade one Hippikon to a Musician for +10pts.

Peltast������������Points/model: 8


Peltast��������������4����3��� 3�����3�� 3��� 1���3����1����7

Peltast captain�� 4����3��� 4�����3��� 3��� 1���3�� 1��� 7

Unit Size: 10+

Equipment: Long Javelin, Hand weapon, shields

Options: May be given 1 blessing.

����������������Upgrade one Peltast to a Peltast captain for +10pts.

Special Rules: Skirmishers, Fall back

Satyrs�������������� Points/model: 9


Satyr�������������5��� 3��� 3����4�� �3��� 1���3�� 1��� 6

Satyr wild one 5��� 3��� 3����4����3��� 1���3�� 2��� 6

Unit Size: 10+

Equipment: Spear, shield

Options: Upgrade one Satyr to a Satyr wild one for +10pts.

����������������Upgrade one Satyr to a Standard bearer for +10pts.

����������������Upgrade one Satyr to a Musician for +5pts.

Special Rules: Skirmishers, Scouts

Special Units



Centaur���8����4�����4����4���4��� 1���3���2����7

Wise one��8��� 4�����5����4�� 4�� 1����3�� 2����7

Note: Centaur count as cavalry in all respects including the +1 to the armour save.

Unit Size: 5+

Equipment: Bow, Heavy armour

Options: Upgrade one centaur to a wise one for +15pts.

����������������Upgrade one centaur to a Standard bearer for +15pts.

����������������Upgrade one centaur to a Musician for +10pts.

Special Rules: Move through woods, expert archers, Drunken, Fast cavalry,



Sphinx�����������7���4��� 0���5� 5� 2��4�3��7

Criosphinx����� 7�� 4��� 0�� 6� 5��2� 4�3��7

Hiocriosphinx��7���5��� 0���6� 5� 2��4�4��7

Unit size: 1-5

Options: Upgrade a sphinx to a criosphinx for +15pts

���������������� Upgrade a sphinx to a Hiocriosphinx for +35pts.

Special rules: Terror, Ancient Guardians

Hypaspist�������� Points/model: 16


Hypaspist������������ 4�����4��� 3��� 3����3��� 1���4���1��� 8

Hypaspist Captain� 4���� 4��� 3��� 3����3��� 1���4�� 2����8

Unit Size: 10+

Equipment: Spear, Heavy armour, large shield

Options: May be given 1 blessing.

���������������� Upgrade one Hypaspist to a Hypaspist captain for +15pts.

���������������� Upgrade one Hypaspist to a Standard bearer for +15pts.

���������������� Upgrade one Hypaspist to a Musician for +10pts.

����������������May take a magic standard worth up to 50 points.

Special Rules: Shield wall, Immune to psychology, stubborn

�� Points/model:50


Cerberus��6����3��� 0����5����4����3���3���3����5

Unit size:1-3

Special rules: Cause Fear, 3 S2 Breath weapons

�� points/model: 50


Pegasus�8����3����0����3��� 3��� 2���4���3����8

Unit size: 1

Special rules: Fly

Cyclops���� Points/model: 35


Cyclops��������6����3���� 2����4���4����3���3��� 3��� 7

Elder Cyclops6�����3����2����4����4����3���3��� 4��� 7

Unit size: 3+

Equipment: Hand weapon, light armour

Options:��Upgrade one cyclops to an Elder cyclops for +20pts.

���������������� Upgrade one cyclops to a Standard bearer for +20pts.

���������������� Upgrade one cyclops to a Musician for +15pts.

���������������� May be given a 2nd hand weapon for +4 pts.

���������������� May be given great weapons for +6 pts.

���������������� May be given shields for +3 pts.

���������������� May be given heavy armour for +3 pts.

Special rules: Scaly skin 6+, Cause fear

Rare units

������������������������������������������Gastrophetes�������������������� Points/model:


Gastrophetes�����������4����3����3��� 3�� 3����1�� 3��� 1��� 7

Gastrophetes Captain 4���3����4��� 3���3�� 1�� 3����1��� 7

Unit size: 10+

Equipment: Crossbows, Heavy armour, Hand weapon

Options:��Upgrade one Gastrophetes to a Gastrophetes Captain for +15pts.

Special rules: Armour piercing, Belly bow

Ballista������������Points/model: 100


Ballista���������� -��� -�����-����-�� 7�� 3���� -�� -����-

Hoplite crew���4����3�����3��� 3�� 3���1���� 3���1��� 8

Up to two Ballista’s may be taken as a single rare choice.

Unit Size: 1 ballista and 3 crew

Special Rules: Bolt thrower,



Shade 5����3������0�� 3�� 3��� 1���2��� 2��� 8

Unit size: 10+

Equipment: Hand weapon, Shield, light armour

Special rules: Cause fear, immune to psychology, 4+ ward save

Behemoth Chariot
�� Points/model:190


Chariot����� -��� -�����-����5�� 6����5����-� -���� -

Behemoth��7����3�����-����5����-��� -�� 3���4����-

Crew���������-���3�����3����3����-����-���3���1�� 7

Unit size: 1

Equipment: Crew are armed with spears, the behemoths tusks count as scythe wheels,

Special rules: Chariot, Cause terror, large target, 4+ armour save,

Colossus�� Points/model:200


Colossus 6���3����2��� �5���6����6����1� �4��� 7

Unit size: 1

Equipment: Hand weapon, shield

Special rules: Large target, Cause terror, rust, flammable, immune to psychology, immune to poison,5+scaly skin save

These units may only be used in an army led by a general with the blessing of Zeus or Son of Zeus upgrade.

* These units may only be used in an army led by a general with the blessing of Poseidon or Son of Poseidon upgrade.

** These units may only be used in an army led by a general with the blessing of Hades or Son of Hades upgrade.


Blessings may be given to a character or unit. You cannot give a blessing to a unit that is different from the generals. If the general has no blessing then units can take any blessing at all. Some units can only be used if the general has a certain blessing. If a blessed character joins a non blessed unit he does not confer the blessings abilities onto the unit and vice-versa.

Blessing of Zeus: All attacks made by the unit count as magical. 30pts for characters. 40pts for units.

Blessing of Poseidon: The unit is aquatic. 5pts for characters. 10pts for units.

Blessing of Hades: The unit is stubborn (If the unit is already stubborn it becomes unbreakable). 30pts for characters. 40pts for units.

Magic Items

Magic weapons

Thunder blade 65pts (Model with the blessing of Zeus only)

Attacks made by this model reduce the targets ward save exactly as if it were an armour save (the enemy model still gets its armour save but reduced appropriately).

Sickle of Kronos 25pts

Model has the killing blow special rule.

Hades blades 40pts

Counts as two hand weapons. Bearer has a 4+ ward save.

Bearer cannot carry a shield or magic shield.

Bite of the shark 35pts

Models that take an unsaved wound

by this weapon lose two wounds rather than one.

Stone lance 20pts (mounted character only)

Lance. Model is not affected by ranged flaming attacks.

Poseidon’s Trident 50pts (Model with the blessing of Poseidon only)

Ignores armour saves.

Magic Armour

Namean lion pelt 35pts

Wearer gets a 5+ward save and a 6+ armour save which

can be combined with other armour.

Titan shield 25pts

Counts as a normal shield. The wearer has a 2+ armour

save that cannot be improved in any way.

Gorgon shield 50pts

Bearer causes terror.


Hydras tooth 50pts

Model has the regenerate special ability.

Pans reeds 40pts (Herd leader only)

When scouting, the Herd leader and any scouting unit he joins can scout up to 5" away from the opposing models, they must still be in cover though.

Arcane Items

Madness staff 70pts (bound spell power lv6 one use only)

All enemy units within “10” take a leadership test. If any fail they run 2D6 (3D6 if movement of 7 or more) in a randomised direction. If they hit a friendly unit they cause panic, if they hit an opposing unit (yours) they count as charging and if they run of the board they are destroyed.

Golden apples 30pts (One use only)

Wielder regains all lost wounds.

Promethean flames 35pts

Bearer gets +1 casting dice.

Enchanted Items

Methril Horse shoes 30pts (Herd leaders and Characters on Warhorses and pegasi only)

+2 attack for Herd leaders. +1 attack for mounted

characters and +1 attack for their mounts.

Wings of Icarus 25pts (Character on foot only)

Model has the fly special rule.

Bridal of Pegasus 25pts (character on warhorse only)

The models movement is increased to 10 even if they are wearing Barding.

Golden Fleece 35pts (General only)

The model has +1 Leadership. When a model takes the Generals leadership they can be within 15" of him rather than 12".

Magic Banners

Wrath of Zeus 50pts (Units with the blessing of Zeus only) Bound spell. Power level 6

Once per turn may use Forked lightning at 20" range. After use roll a D6 on a roll of a 1 the item wears out and cannot be used again.

Tremor Standard 50pts (Units with the blessing of Poseidon only)

Models attacking a unit with the tremor standard suffer -1 to hit.

Banner of shadows 75pts (Units with the blessing of Hades only)

The unit causes fear (If the unit already causes fear it causes terror instead).

Baccelenia standard 30pts

The unit is frenzied.

Special Characters


If you take Prometheus in your army he counts as a lord and hero choice. He will always be your army general even if there is a model in the army with higher leadership. Prometheus must be taken as presented here and no additional magic items can be bought for him.



Polythemus�6�����7����3���6���� 5�� 4��� 5���5����8


Equipment: Mace of Poseidon, Shield of Poseidon

Blessing: Polythemus counts as having the blessing of Poseidon.

Special rules:

Fear: Polythemus causes fear.

Scaly skin: Prometheus has a 5+scaly skin save.

First-born of Poseidon: Polythemus has all the benefits of blessing of Poseidon. Any army led by Prometheus cannot have a battle standard bearer, Polythemus counts as the battle standard bearer.

Magic items:

Mace of Poseidon: Once per turn during your shooting phase Polythemus may shoot at one enemy unit in his line of sight with a maximum range of 12" at S4. When you have decided your target roll an artillery dice the number rolled is how many hits the enemy takes. If a misfire is rolled then roll the arrow dice, the direction rolled is where Prometheus shoots (even if it is out of his line of sight), if a friendly unit is hit roll on the artillery dice again (re-roll any further misfires) and the unit gets hit hits equalled to the number rolled. If an enemy is hit they get struck like normal. If nothing is hit the whole shot is discounted.

Shield of Poseidon: Acts like a normal shield, it also makes Polythemus immune to breath weapons and gives him a 4+ ward save.


If you take Chiron in your army he counts as a lord choice. Chiron must be taken as presented here and no additional magic items can be bought for him.

Chiron counts as a cavalry model for all intents and purposes.



Chiron��8��� 4����7��� 4��� 5���4����5�� 3����9


Equipment: Armour of the forest, Hand weapon, Becalming bow

Special rules:

Slyvan Training: Chiron is a lv4 mage and can cast spells from the lores of life, beasts or light.

Move through woods: Chiron can move through woods with no penalties.

Fast cavalry: Chiron obeys all rules of fast cavalry.

Restore order: If Chiron is your general then all your centaur units do not suffer from the rule drunken.

Expert archers: If Chiron rolls a 1 when rolling to hit during shooting he can re-roll it (dice can only be re-rolled once).

Focus shot: Using meditation Chiron can swap the number of his attacks with the number of shots he does. He can only do this during the movement phase and his stats must remain swapped for the rest of his turn and the opponents.

Magic items:

Armour of the forest: Heavy armour. Chiron can wear this armour and cast spells, Chiron also gets a 6+ward save.

Becalming bow: Longbow. When Chiron shoots this bow at enemies suffering from hatred, frenzy, stubborn or stupidity the bows shots are increased to S4.

New rules

Ancient Guardians; The general must always join a sphinx unit if there is one in the army (regardless of base size)and cannot leave it. While the general is in the unit he cannot be picked out as a target except in combat, and the unit is stubborn.

Belly bow: Since the crossbows Gastrophetes use is so huge and heavy they can never shoot when in a second rank even when on a hill. And all shots made by Gastrophetes pierce ranks like a bolt thrower for every successful wound (and minus 1 to the strength every time).

Rust: A colossus is still a statue and as such can rust over time. In combat a colossus strikes last like he is holding a great weapon.

Expert archers: A centaurs archery skills are honed to perfection if they roll a 1 while rolling to shoot they may re-roll it once. They also move and shoot with no penalty.

Confusion: When a Lampades is killed she releases wave after wave of psychic energy into the surrounding area causing all effected by it to suffer visions of the land at odd angles making them stumble and fall over each other. A unit that kills a Lampades suffers from stupidity for the rest of the game.

Fall back: When charged peltasts are allowed to make a special break and run manuvere, this is only allowed if there is a friendly unit 8" behind the Peltast one, and the 8" wont make the unit end up in the middle of another one… The Peltast unit immediately runs 8" through the friendly one, this will never cause a panic test. The charging unit may elect to continue the charge and hit the unit the peltasts ran through or fail it deliberately (if the enemy unit cannot reach any unit at all then it automatically fails the charge like normal). Peltasts cannot make this break when running from losing combat. If the Peltast unit hits an enemy unit while running it is automatically destroyed as normal.

Shield wall: All shots from Bows, Shortbows, Longbows and Bolt throwers suffer -1 to hit.

New items

heavy shield: Gives +2 to weilders armour save, an extra +1 if they are useing a hand weapon and a heavy shield. Cavelry useing this shield have thier movement reduced by 1.

Long Javalin: Javalin with 18" range.

If you would like model instructions feel free to ask. ANd all comments are welcome.


WOW thats some work thats gone into this with a short perusal it looks good.I dont know whether you have come across Warhammer historical but when it was released wargames illustrated and Wargames Foundry released some articles and figures for Homeric armies that had heros Achilles,Agemmemnon, paris etc and Godly gifts .I could dig out some stuff if you interested as its basically warhammer greek style:hat


This really should be in the rules development thread shouldn’t it?


If you are interested in greek stuff.Crocodile Games


Those are nice models but I already have ways to build all the models in the army (the sphinxs are made from new high elf lions). Also the thing I really h=need help with is Ideas for a Zeus and a Hades theamed charecter (toying with the idea of medusa with this), and need help with points values for the Gastrophetes and Sphinxs. (New magic items and unit ideas wouldnt hurt either).


nice idea. however im not sure it belongs in this section

i also couldn’t help but notice that you used the names Polymetheus and Prometheus interchangably


alcatani are the greeks of warhammer maybe you should stick with them


For the collossus you will have to do it like the one off God of War 2, a giant, brass statue of a god or someother


Cool army, I’m a Hellenophile myself. Seems like there’s an awful lot of special and rare choices though, don’t you think? A little too much range in unit choice.