[Archive] green stuff sanding

Kera foehunter:

im not did much sanding

but is it better to use files of real smooth sand paper

next part how would toy fill in some scratghes

with out putting a layer over top ??


Files or sand paper are both ok, it really depends on the shape of the GS object. Fine sandpaper will give the smoothest finish obviously. Beware the horrible green powder that will ensue :cheers

Filling in furrows or marks has to be done with a small layer of GS. Just push a blob of GS into the furrows/scratches/holes, then skim off the bulk of it, and sand it down once dry if you want a really smooth finish.

And welcome back Kera :slight_smile:


GS doesn’t do well under sanding as it tends to tear. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to need to sand it, you might want to use BS or ProCreate or something that dries a lot harder.  Or you can do Warplock’s trick and mix GS and BS together, getting a good mix of the qualities of both.

Kera foehunter:

well i been lucky so far but i had some scratches that i did not like

so is the procrete cool to use it seem alot cheeper to

thanks Baggronor it means alot

thanks Grndl for the help to

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I have a product from Gunze-Sanyo called “Mr.Surfacer”. It is a think liquid that fills small scratches in fillers. It becomes quite hard when dry. I wonder how it would do on Greenstuff?


Well… you could try it out and let us know… Sounds like a useful product… Does it work on skin?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

The skin on models, or your own? :smiley:

Captain Crayon:

The skin on models, or your own? :D

Tarrakk Blackhand

I'd be trying emery boards, or wet & dry sandpaper.

Get a little stick of balsa, wrap the sandpaper around it and with a little dab of glue secure it.

You can get wet & dry up to about 2000 grit, which feels as snooth as an ordinary piece of paper.

Just if you use it make sure to keep it wet by dipping it in water, otherwise it will clog up and won't sand anything.

something around 1000 grit shouldnt leave any scratches at all. 1500 is about as fine as you go on a car body before you paint it, so 1000 will give you a very smooth finish, and not scratch it up or gouge chunks out like a file would.


I already used sandpaper on GS and it works, nothing went wrong for me.

Kera foehunter:

Mr t where can i get this it sound great !! Do i need to chase down the local snake oil saleman for this!! link please ! please with sugar on top !!

@ thank Captin C

Grndl i don’t need a product like mary kay help me !!!

@ furrie thanks