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What? 2250 list.

For? A tournament. The tournament is at the chicago Battle Bunker. 900+ Points of Core. Fully Painted.

I figured this would be a good motivation to get my Chaos Dwarfs fully painted, and a chance to slide into that becoming my army instead of VC (which has 1,666 points between to units and characters… no way in the world I’ll make the core cut). Plus I think Chaos Dwarfs can do well with core heavy lists.

Three games. I challenged a friend, whom I have yet to play, for first round… she plays Dark Elves. I do not know what to expect for the other two games of course.

The lists are supposed to be fluffy, we even need to write at least two paragraphs of fluff. I’m going for post slave rebellion, so no Greenskins. Though Ogres as DoW seem to fit just fine. This does not mean the lists need to be nerfed or anything, just don’t be overly powergamey… and have a list that fits some cool fluff.

Below is the list, with comments after it.

Chaos Dwarf Lord

Black Hammer of Hashut

Armor of the Furnace.


Great Taurus

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lvl 2

Staff of Sorcery

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lvl 2

Dispell Scroll

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lvl 2

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Hw/Sh Mu, Std

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Hw/Sh Full Command

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Hw/Sh Full Command

14 Blunderbuss (3x5 with character)

14 Blunderbuss (3x5 with character)

Death Rocket

Earth Shaker

2 Leadblechers.

My Great Taurus and rider is designed to deal with several threats. Bloodthirsters may have trouble dealing with him, as it seems flaming attacks (particularly with regen being an issue with VC or Nurgle Demons) are popular with them. Treemen will be in big danger, as even with the ultra broken annoyance… I only need one wound on it. Also hoping I can Vampire hunt with this guy. In these cases where I’m either tying up an expensive figure, or slaying it… he seems to be an acceptable sacrifice.

Otherwise he might be nice putting into the flank of various units. Especially with US 5.

3 Sorcerers: I want to have potent magic in my army, though I seem to be sacraficing a BSB (which I am a fan of) and some characters who I can count on to be a little better at killing. I’m wondering if I can use Death magic to make me cause fear… or using Ogres/Blunderbuss as flankers… might be best.

Warrior blocks: Fairly self explanatory. I’m hoping I can take a charge, and flank them… or if I can do decent with Dark Magic use fear defensively/offensively.

Blunderbuss, move them up… kinda move them like an Empire detachment. Hopefully blasting the heck out of a unit or two making the job of the Warriors easier.

Death Rocket, cracks open some harder stuff… or hopefully damaging blocks.

Earth Shaker: Same as Death Rocket, but hopefully slowing my opponent down so my shooting can give me an edge in static res.

Leadbelchers: Used to shoot things like monsters that I can’t rely the Blunderbuss to kill, and I need a fair number of shots. Also, to support my blocks by either pinning a unit down (allowing warriors to charge perhaps).

Questions I have: Should I drop a sorcerer or even two (going with scroll caddy), and go for some heroes?

Is my Great Tuarus idea worth it? Am I better of going with a regular hero, adding killing power to units? (As I know a hero is a better points value then a Lord, except perhaps if you use a Great Taurus with him).

Any other comments?

I believe if I dropped the Leadbelchers and the Death Rocket I could get 8 Bullcentaurs, with some command.


Ok from what I have seen, I love the figure of the great taurus but…

When my bro plays my CD army, My vampire has ALWAYS killed the Taurus,

When I play my CD army I have ALWAYS killed it except once, but the taurus did NO DAMAGE

Bloodthirster vs Taurus, Taurus won 4 of 6 times, (me and my bro tested it )

I also would take out leadbelachers but thats jsut me.

Army looks great though :slight_smile:


Drop the Belchers. They’re a weak unit from a weak army.


I’ve swapped the Lead Belchers for 5 Bull Centaurs with Heavy Armor at the moment.


Good Bull centaurs (atleast for me) have seemed to worked very well :slight_smile: Army looks great though :slight_smile:


Here’s the list I’m looking at now, I’ve been playing this list around for regular games and I’ve been doing well. I have won three times. My only loss and tie was to the VC list I mentioned above!

Lord on Great Taurus

Shield, Black Hammer (I love it!), and Armor of the Furnace.


Armor of Gazrak

Lvl 2 Sorcerer

2 Scrolls

Lvl 2

Staff of sorcery

25 Chaos Dwarfs

Hw/Sh FC

25 Chaos Dwarfs

Hw/sh FC

24 Chaos Dwarfs (BSB unit)

Hw/Sh Banner/Mu

14 Blunderbuss (Sorcerer unit)

14 blunderbuss (Sorcerer unit)

6 Bull Centaurs

Hvy Armor, Banner, Mu, Warbanner

X hw option, not GW. The extra 6 S4 seems more beneficial then S+2 and striking last.


I’m pretty pleased with its performance, and it’s a fun list for me to. Now I just need to finetune it.

I’m really loving Bull Centaurs, both in terms of gameplay… but the feel of them… plus the look. With a decent paint job they look great!