[Archive] Greenskin Display Board: Need advice and ideas


Ok, so I’m working on a greenskin army. The theme is the rebellion against the Chaos Dwarfs.

I’ll be using Hobgoblins as common Goblins. Night Goblins will be running around, the concept of which is that this experience is the real reason they hate Dwarfs. Black Orcs will be around, as well as regular Orcs (no Big uns). Support comes from a couple black orcs, an orc shaman, night goblin shaman, and some night goblin heroes.

Night Goblins make the bulk of the army. Overall there’s over 220 figures in my 2250 list for a nice and proper horde!

So now, what do I do to represent this? To convey that the feel of this army?

I only have a few ideas right now

1. Severed Dawi Zharr head pile.

2. A small ziggurat in the center, with debris.


How about an Orc (or two, or three) ganging up on a heavily-injured Dwarf? Dwarfs corpses littering the landscape?

Maybe a few remaining Dawrf warriors taking the highground, desperately fighting off a wave of on-rushing greenskins?


i think it’d be v cool to have a last stand style board with greenskins surrounding an ever dwindeling number of CDs atop a Ziggurut, cool magic items like whips that cause fear in greenskins are also a must