[Archive] Greenstuffing a Wizard

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I’ve maked a start with my little CD project. I recieved a full BfSP set, and I’m going to try to make Chaos Dwarfs out of the most of them.

I will post some pictures from my CD warriors as soon as they’re… showable, since that still needs alot of practice :slight_smile:

Now I have another idea. I absolutely hate the BfSP cannon, so I would like to let it in the paint remover just a little too long (woopsie) too see it metled away when I return, and prehaps make a video out of it :cheers. That leaves me with three cannon crew, which will become Chaos Dwarfs ofcourse. It’s a classic idea to make the guy with the cannonball in his hand a Firewizard, though I had some additional ideas, such as greenstuffing a ring of fire around his feet. I’d probaly make a ring first, wait a day so it becomes hard, then add fire patterns, wait, then add another layer of GS, which will become the part of the flame that is the most heat.

Do reckon this doable?

turquois dwarf:

i found this page for making fire it might help



I reckon that is possible, yes.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it’s possilbe, but, make the ring large enough to drop over the model so that you can paint both sides of both the flames and model. (I made a classic? W00t! [/End shameless plug.]) Layers sounds the best way.


Sounds like a good idea. Depending on how big you make the flames, you can make the ring of fire angle away from the model.

Like this- ______/

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Yeah, that’s the idea … thanks for the replies all. I’m currently working on some more CD’s besides my other (Dwarf) projects, I’ll start with the Wizard once I’m statisfied with the way I greenstuff the CD faces and beards, since I think they still need alot of work.