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Tarrakk Blackhand:

This is my first time visiting here, and I love what I see!

First off, my wife and I own a Hobby Shop in High River, Alberta called Monster Hobbies. We have just recently started carring the Games Workshop items and we are running some of the Warhammer Fantasy games on Sunday nights for those interested. (Better to run the games when there are no customers.)

I’ve read a lot about the Chaos Dwarfs in the Dwarf and Ogre Army books, as well as the main rule book, but the only avalible piece in the current catalogue is the Chaos Hell Cannon.

I tried searching some things on the GW web site for Chaos Dwarfs, and luckily I found some of the dynamics on the Australian GW page. Afterwards, I found this site and I’ve spent 2 days looking over all your conversion work and demo videos. Excellent work guys!

I am going to order a Skull Pass set and start the conversions. I have 1 question though :  

I can see the conversion possibilities for the Spider Riders to Wolf Riders, (Order seporate Wolf models) Dwarf Warriors to Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Night Goblins to Hobgoblins (Making them taller) Dragon Slayer to Sorcer Lord…etc…but what do you do with the Miners and the Troll?

Should I convert the Miners into some other unit as found in the Fanzine on the home page, or leave them for my current Dwarf Army? Also, what about the Troll? What have you guys done with him to make him fit in with the Chaos Dwarfs?

I’m glad I found this site!

P.S. Smart way to get a 1000+ Point army from a $75 set! Heck! even the Army boxes don’t have that much point value and they cost $110!


For Wolfriders, I would order the Chaos Warhound boxed set. That gives you 10 hounds, and should be an easy swap! The Troll could be used as a unit filler in another unit. Minders make great Chaos Dwarfs with Great Weapons.

Check out the [[Chaos Dwarf Wiki]] if you haven’t already!

Welcome to CDO!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I checked out the Wiki…AWESOME!

I’m going to phone GW on my next order and see if I can’t get some of the original 1995 CD’s. Maybe there’s some in the back room, full of dust?

Also, I’ll see about getting the High Elf Chariot (For the 2 Lions) and the Wood Elf Hero on a Stag so I can make the Lammasu and the Greater Taurus…unless you guys have some better kit suggestions for these two items?


Welcome to the site.

The great stag from the Wood Elf range makes the best Taurus currently, although you can always eBay it for the original.

I used my miners for CD warriors with double handed weapons worked out quite nice, see my blog.

As far as the High Elves lion from the chariot it would probably bit a bit too small in scale.


Hello, neighbor!

For your miners, I’d say converting them into “Chaos Dwarf Engineers” would be a good idea.

If you’re using a “Counts as” Dwarf army list, you can use the miner rules. If you’re using a Chaos Dwarf list, they can be Warriors with double handed weapons. A little conversion work is all you need.

The key to playing CD’s is customization and being prepared adjust your army depending on what kind of group you’re playing in. Make your opponents play against Chaos Dwarfs one way or another! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

wow that’s cool !! your owen shop!!you even live in the great white north


Tarrakk Blackhand:

I like the Chaos Dwarfs primarily because of their mobility. Now I just ahve to build an army!

I usually play Dwarfs, but I have been getting slaughtered in my battles against Wood Elves. The Wood Elves have fast calvary and can usually ride in and kill my Cannon Crews and Lord before I can even move into position. 9 times out of 10 I have to just stand there and take it! Even when I need to fire a volley of Cross Bow Quivers, I can only Stand OR Shoot.

Looking at the Wolf Riders and Bull Centars in the Chaos Dwarf pages is inspiring, also the Blunderbuss crews that can MOVE AND SHOOT would greatly help me out! I also thought of converting the Miners from BFSP into the Bull Centars. I Just need to find some Bull bodies that will fit them.

I had an idea to buy an army box of different armies each month for the store so that I can run scenarios in the store and the customers could either play or face a new army insted of always being stuck with fighting my Dwarfs.

I had just bought the Ogre Army Book, Army Box, a Tyrant, and 2 Gorgers for such scenarios. I read that they could be used as Mercinaries and thought I would use my Dwarfs to hire them to kill the Wood Elves. Then I started to read about the Chaos Dwarfs and was intriqued. Eventually, I found this web site.

When I re-order some Warhammer pieces for the store at the end of the month, I’m going to get a few Skull Pass sets as well as whatever else was missing from my inventory. Then the next army will be is CHAOS DWARFS!

In November, I am going to run Scenarios based off the Warhammer:Skirmish scenarios I found online before GW redesigned their web site and dropped them all (Over 300 Scenarios and I only managed to print off 12 or so!)

I also have an idea called “The Spoils of War”.

Each army (Or Player) has a small “Treasure Box” that they bring to the store on the night of the battle. Inside the box are a sample of all the spare bits that the player doesn’t use in their army, such as the extra shields, hand weapons, armour, special intrest items (Like Tomb Kings Tombstones). These pieces should be cleaned up an painted, just like you would find in a real treasure.

Once the battle has ended and the Victory Points tallied or Objective won, then the winning army gets to raid a percentage of the losers “Spoils of War”. (For example - 10 shileds) Then the winner can use the loser’s pieces in a future unit for future battles. I’m hoping to get enough little pieces, like Chaos Shields, Wood Elf Musical Instruments, etc. to build up some unique pieces!

This will start in November so that I’ll have enough time to prepair the parts and build the terrain. Should be fun!

I’ll be looking at all the articles and the You-Tube video ideas for help and inspiration. I like the looks of the Volcano Moutain and might build something simular. I also I like the idea of an all Female unit and was thinking of modifying Queen Helga to Chaos. I do like the Females from the web site that you got yours from, so I might consider getting them as well. Please post some other web sites like that one!

Anyway, I’ll talk to you soon!

Trevor Ursulescu

Monster Hobbies


wow that's cool !! your own shop...

Kera foehunter
I'm willing to bet that owning your own gaming shop isn't all its cracked up to be.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

It has it’s moments! :slight_smile: