[Archive] grudge thrower. death rockit?


well. I was looking at the online store and saw the grudge thrower, now, when i did this my little brain started whiring and I though of this as a death rocket

now, what does everyone think?

Pyro Stick:

Lol great drawing. I dont think you can turn a stone thrower into a death rocket though.


Ha! I fully endorse this plan for the hat illustrations alone.

That’s awesome! :hat off


Hmmm possible idea there. the grudge thrower does give you a nice launch ramp similar to the soviet era mobile missile launchers. With the reight conversion it could actually look nice. Go for it.


very original, I like it.

Ghrask Dragh:

Good spot minty! :hat off


thats 4 yesses and 1 no, I know what i’m buying next

Kera foehunter:

thats is a cool idea .i love the red marker. So are you hobgoblins using a goblin’s doom diver for a rocket launcher too??


thats is a cool idea .i love the red marker. So are you hobgoblins using a goblin's doom diver for a rocket launcher too??

Kera foehunter
you know, i hate the internet sometimes, I can't hear peoples tone

but, no I wasn't plan on usign the doom diver



you should totally do it, and get the doom diver too.

Hashut’s Blessing:

One suggestion: change the rope/chain under the throwing arm into a solid support. Then, post pics of the conversion ASAP.


The post is a month old, any progress?? Interesting idea though.

Kera foehunter:

Well maybe Minty forgot of this idea.


yeah, the rope would need changing but apart from that its a really cool idea


or maybe minty ran out of money so had to buy things like food rather than models:) just re-starting the project now …MWahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Traitor King:


Definatly change the rope and add a support.

But I think it could work…