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I havn’t been able to find this grudgebearer novel except for the small article in wikipedia. An yet everyone is talking about it as the greatest thing that ever happened to CD since WD presents.

Can anyone tell me something about it ? I’l thank you.

ps I’m just starting my conversion army and im not very good at it. Eventually i will put some of my conversions in the forum. until then thanks to all of you.


Have you read this: [[Grudge Bearer]]


I wouldn’t reccomend buying the book. I bought it for the chapter on Chaos Dwarfs, and couldn’t even get through the book, so I ended up skipping to that chapter. And you can get all the important bits from the Wiki.


I have to agree with this, I’m not a fan of the novel, but the wiki tells you everything you need to know


I havent read this one yet, and to be honest if it wasnt for the fact i like dwarfs/chaos dwarfs, it would never even get a place in my to read list. In my opinion too many of the writers black library use are just not up to scratch. Even the usually readable dan abnetts fell cargo was absolutely awful.

Reading through the genevieve anthology now and it seems to be of a much higher standard, and might even keep me reading black library for a while before i switch back to terry pratchet.


Odd, I actually quite like the book so far, I have read a few chapters at the start, and am partway through reading. The wiki article I wrote gives the run down though. But die-hard CD fans should acquire it, like me. :stuck_out_tongue:


ordered it off bookdepository.co.uk for just over �4, i go through about 2 books a week so shouldnt be long till it gets read (working away in hotels all the time gives you a lot of time to read! but what i really need is a portable painting station)


If you’re looking for a good Warhammer novel, I’d suggest Dan Abnett’s Riders of the Dead. If you’re looking for a source of Chaos Dwarf info, well then, your options are limited.


the genevieve series is also good, by jack yeovil, the anthology isnt too high price at around �7-�8

the corrupted is another well written one, cant remember who wrote it, but i know it was better than the average.

I got my WDP: chaos dwarfs yesterday as well. To be honest i was a little bit disappointed due to the price i paid from ebay, but at least all the pictures will be useful for helping me with my conversions.

Uzkul Werit:

The WDP book itself is good but you can just get the two issues of WD with the info in for cheaper. The only stuff you’ll miss is a timeline.