[Archive] Grudges Against the Gods! an ongoing saga


A wind was blowing through the darkened lands of Araby.  Sand tore though the air without a sound like yellow phantoms.  In the distance lights could be seen from a nearby village.  A crude barricade was thrown up to keep out the beasts, bandits, and even the sand.  It was pitiful.  Almost as pitiful as the clay dwellings within.  Almost as pitiful as the ragged band of servants and old-men who wielded weapons against the surrounding slavers.  

  Kharag trudged through the sand.  It was already in his boots and his beard.  Its sting annoyed him and made him in an even fouler mood.  Marriz looked to the chaos dwarf overlord with fear and envy in his eyes.  It was Kharag that had enslaved his tribe of hobgoblins to take part in a campaign against the Arabyans.  

  Marriz looked to the massive regiments of blunderbussiers and warriors that were following behind him.  It was a mighty throng and Marriz’s hobgoblins only added to the numbers.  He doubted the Arabyans knew they were coming.  Only a handful of chaos dwarfs were needed to bring the village down.  The only reason Kharag had brought his entire small army was to instill fear and probably see a few of his own enemies off as well.  

  The bastard, Marriz thought.  

  If he had more guts he would’ve cut him down were he stood.  A simple knife in his back would end him right there.  But, the blunderbussiers would blow his brains across the desert floor along with every other greenskin.  They might even keep him and torture him for an eternity in the hallowed halls of Zharr Naggrund.  

  Marriz scratched his wart-covered flesh, sand already getting in his eyes.  He longed for the campaign to be over.  He hated the thoughts of battle and feared the thoughts of even having to fight.  He turned his gaze to the scimitar slung on his belt.  

  It could end right now if he wanted it too…

  Marriz threw himself to the ground as explosions tore through the air.  The chaos dwarfs cried out trying to form a shield wall and return fire.  It was to late.  Lead and fire tore through the ranks of chaos dwarfs.  Warriors were cooked in there armor dying slow and painful deaths on the desert floor.  The greenskins fled in different directions ignoring the protests of there slave-masters.  They were gunned down in an instant.  

  Marriz rose his head.  Kharag was lying a few feet in front of him already lying in a pool of his own blood.  Marriz crawled away from the carnage ignoring the moans from the fallen warriors.  The entire army was slaughtered to the last dwarf by opponents that hadn’t even been seen.  Marriz would’ve been scared in any other situation.  But, only one thing mattered.  

  The entire dammned army was dead and he was free.  

  He crawled away ignoring the the shadows that were gathering around.  He would make it.  He had survived worst.  Marriz stopped and kept his belly on the soft ground.  His blood froze and he nearly dropped a pile of dung on the desert floor.  Kharag was whimpering a bastard, but he was a brave dwarf and even those of the council of Zharr Naggrund feared his ruthless and bloodthirsty ways.  

  Marriz turned around fearful of what he saw.  

  A dwarf was standing over Kharag fully concealed under his shining gromril armor.  It emitted a golden hue that lit the darkness around him.  Dozens of other warriors were gathered around him similarly armoured.  

  “You Dawi bastard!  What do you want?”  Kharag asked weakened from his wounds.  

  “Vengeance!”  The dwarf snarled bringing a massive hammer down.  

  The hammer was a magnificent weapon and heavier than any weapon a hobgoblin could carry.  Marriz bit his lip as the hammer smashed in Kharag’s skull.  Pieces of skull and bits of brain splattered the sand turning it crimson.  It was to much.  Marriz leapt and fled into an opposite direction.  

  “No need you gutless greenskin.  We’re proffessionals,”  the dwarf snarled and unholstering a shining pistol and firing.  

  It was an expert shot.  Marriz’s head exploded as the bullet found its mark.  The contents of his head found themselves alongside Kharag’s.  The dwarf took off his war-mask and smiled.  

  “Redemption is sweet.  Now go shut those moaning wounded up!”  The dwarf ordered.


nice work, keep it up!

killing poor defenceless greenskins

one of my favourite things:hat off

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Ahhhhhhh another arabian Night saga!

nice story Mr hammer


Thanks guys.  I plan on doing another story to follow it.  :cheers


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