[Archive] Guess the contents of the jar


Completely random thing.  Only a couple of times in my life have I entered one of those competitions where you have to guess how many of X are in the jar.

A couple of weeks back I had a chance to do this on a jar of beads.  I made a fairly rough guess of the likely number in one ‘layer’ and then roughly counted the layers.  A bit of mental maths and then I checked that nobody had already guessed the amount.

Anyhow, turns out I won!  I’d completely forgotten I’d entered.  So I will shortly be collecting a jar with about 3600 small beads in it.  Yay (!?)

I’ve also won a bottle of red wine, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of beer on 3 separate occasions by rolling dice for a charity thing.

Anyone else won any random things?


I had a local ‘take and bake’ pizza place call me because I’d won a barbeque set, which was pretty handy.

Also, I entered a draw when I took my kids to a ‘literacy day’ event and won a big bag of books for them.


Also (I don’t know if this counts), I was the first person to order a movie poster of ‘The Whisperer in Darkness’, so I got it signed by the writers and director.


I won a DVD of the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie on an anime forum. The notices that I had won were being dumped by my antispam filter, so I didn’t know until the last minute. The movie was awful in all ways except the visuals (excellent cgi).


When I was

About 8 I won a drawing competition in the local newspaper for cinema tickets to see all 3 star

Wars films back to back! Jedi had just been released so it was very exciting for a young boy! Me and my friend walked to the front of the biggest queue i’d ever seen and went straight to the front of the massive old picture house, spread our sandwiches, crisps, pop and sweets out on the front of the orchestra box and proceeded to revel in about 7-8 hours of star wars goodness! Absolutely magic!! Never won anything since!


Won a Cd (Live, The distance to here) by ringing up and singing on a radio. Got the line wrong but was soooo good, she gave it to me anyway. Marvellous what beer does somedays.

and … thinking … nope that’s all.


Contrats!! I (along with my girlfriend and a friend of hers) came 3dr in a movie pub quiz last sunday. I won Crouching tiger hidden dragon on DVD.


In a similar “guess the amount” thing I had to guess the number of nuts in a bird feeder. I won and the prize was a rather nice bird table which is still in my parents back garden 25 years later.