[Archive] Guys and fireworks

Kera foehunter:

Since last week was the 4th of july and i know you guys like fire works

he is something that funny and kinda wiggley  wacked out…

and may make the faint at heart pass out  so you have been warned

Now  go for it and check this out…


pleas don’t try this at home


Why would you put fireworks between your butt cheeks… I guess they thought why wouldn’t you!

Da Crusha:

haha thats great. the bottle rocket ass one gets me really bad. that must of burned. lol. when I was blowing up fire works in texas a few years ago we had one that shot into the air really high up, we bought it from a stand not far from us. we decided to blow up 2 of them side by side. well, when the first one shot the concussive force knocked over the other one and it started shooting strong shots on random directions as it kept turning around. the stand owner came over and told us not to shoot fireworks at his stand, luckily (for him) the stand didnt erupt, that would have been cool :D.


…when people were so bored they become extremely dorks…



Had to share that to Facebook. :cheers


you’ll shoot your eye out kid…:o

Blue in VT:

:hat off thanks for that kera! ADR my afternoon. The dog with the roman candle is the best!




Had to share that to Facebook.  :cheers

You bet. Gee that cracked me off big time :D


OUCH. Most of those looked really, really painful.

Still - pretty damn funny.


Have always loved the dog one. All the “fun” is great and all there’s a few of those things I’ve done in my youth but now after having had to deal with the damage to people that crackers do and try to explain to someone’s family that you don’t know why one brother stuck a large cracker in his brothers pocket and know they can’t go into the emergency room because right now they are still trying to save his leg. They didn’t save one of the blokes nuts though. Looking back I know I ain’t ever going to win lotto as I’ve used up all my luck.

Kera foehunter:

So this isn’t a guy thing ??

The one that got me is the guy with the mortar tube and blew up

Lucky he didn’t die…


So this isn't a guy thing ??

Kera foehunter
No it's a stupid thing.

I've had a 7 shell tube, 2-3" diameter so it was a fairly powerful fireowork, "misfire" on me so not laughing at that very much.
Was even using a commercial support my mom demanded we use. Big mistake. The first few shells launched but the 4th or so blew out the top of the tube and the final 3-4 started landing all around us.

Turns out the force of the launch bent the steel parts of the support so it sagged down in the middle where the tube was and that absorbed part of the launch momentum with it.

My dad reused to allow us fireworks until I was like 13-14 or so because he's been in the emergency room on new years, or something. He's a doctor.

Unfortunately punks like those in the youtube means normal people like me cannot really enjoy fireworks anymore because they have to be made so safe drunk morons can handle them. I'd be inclined to call natural selection on them and be done with it.