[Archive] GW Announces Price Increase


Games Workshop has been alerting Trade customers to an upcoming price increase in their miniatures, paints and print products.

From their announcement:

Dear Valued Customers,

There is an old curse you might know: �?oMay you live in interesting times �?o

I would be very surprised if anyone could look around our tiny world today and not ponder the truism of such a simple remark. There is very little doubt that these current days would certainly qualify as interesting.

Among many other concerns the world has been struggling with the rising cost of energy, transport, and materials. These rising costs have ultimately affected not only the price of gasoline that we put into our tanks, but the price we pay for milk, eggs and cereal. It has also, not surprisingly perhaps, greatly affected the costs for producing miniatures.

Today we are contacting all of our Trade customers globally to announce that due to these rising costs, we too will be raising some of our prices.

We do not do this lightly. We fully understand that the timing of the price rise directly conflicts with our annual July price review and for that we deeply apologize. I hope that you understand that this price rise is not something Games Workshop Global desires to do, it is something we have to do.

That being said, we wish to approach this change with the same dedication to customer service that we do for every endeavor. So for clarity and fairness I offer the following points:

We are contacting our Trade customers this week to prepare them for any questions they may have.

On Monday August 25th a message informing end hobbyists will be placed on all of our websites.

Prices will change September 29th.

A message will appear in our October White Dwarf.

The price increase will affect part of our paint and hobby ranges, as well as a large portion of our metal models and printed materials.

Even with the pressure of rising costs we are adamant that we will not at this time raise prices on any plastic model kits. Providing high quality, great value kits is fundamental to our corporate strategy and will continue to produce and distribute them at the current prices for as long as we are able.


Games Workshop

Games Workshop
Source: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2008/08/22/16543#comment-26643

Surprise, surprise. :~

Knight Of Awsome:

who needs metal models now, and I’m going to have to stock up on paint, stupid games workshop… some how i might have to live without you…:mad

Thommy H:

I’d be more sympathetic if their prices weren’t already well ahead of the curve. It’s not like they’re barely making a profit on every unit shifted or anything.

Pyro Stick:

You must be joking. The paints are already a rip off!! Everything GW makes is now going to be too expensive for any sane gamer. I better buy the few pieces im after before the blisters get put up by another £2. I cant believe they called their products ‘Great Value’.

Ghrask Dragh:


Is there any news on what is going up to how much?


A rumour on the source link is 25% for metal models? But that’s hearsay.


not yet again!:h

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I’m really not surprised, but Paints and printed materials going up??? seriously its $3 per paint pot, how much higher can it possibly go??? The Armybooks and Codexes are already $22, seriously. I may have to reconsider the hobby until I can start making some real money. I’m happy that plastic isn’t going up though, suddenly all-plastic armies seem appealing…


O 'ell no… I can’t whait to see how much the chaos knights are going to cost…


At least you get a warning. Some shops do it overnight.

Kera foehunter:

well i  don’t use there paints!! i have a lot of there figures and there e-bay . So gw

who need you!!! * as Kera put her middle finger up in a womanly fashion!!!


And GW wonders why their sales are erroding?

Seriously they always event new ways to screw up. Then to add insult to injury they stick it to their ever dwindling customer base…

Pyro Stick:

I'm really not surprised, but Paints and printed materials going up??????? seriously its $3 per paint pot, how much higher can it possibly go????? The Armybooks and Codexes are already $22, seriously. I may have to reconsider the hobby until I can start making some real money. I'm happy that plastic isn't going up though, suddenly all-plastic armies seem appealing......

In the uk, last time i checked, paints were £2/$4 and army books were £12/$24. I dont know how much WD is now (havent bought it in ages) so it might still be £4/$8. If that goes up then say goodbye to white dwarf.

Thommy H:

Wow, 25%? It’s so galling to see independent manufacturers trying to scrape a living (plug: go buy something from Heresy, Hasslefree or Spyglass, everyone!) and apologising to their insanely loyal customers for even the slightest price increase so they can feed themselves when GW are raising the cost of their already horrifically overpriced products. The thing is, they do this every year! They’re always raising prices well above the rate of inflation, so why even bother justifying it this time?


I’ve done the inflation calculation for regular troops, and the models that cost £4 in 1994 should now cost £5.87.  They cost £6.  Plastics are not comparable since they have a different process and aren’t the one-piece low detail things they used to be. Medium monsters that used to be £7 should be £9.93, they are £12.  Large monstery things that used to be £15 should cost £21.27.  They cost £25-30.

So the smaller things are roughly the same but the larger things have gone up by much more. This may be a fairer way of getting their money back. The older ones were based more on the amount of metal involved, whereas the newer prices probably take into account the effort to develop the model and the facts that it it sells much less well but still takes up the same amount of shelf space. These are rough guesses though based on pretty basic economics…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

GW is on there last legs

now the 9 year olds parent will find the prices to high stop buying it for the little brat then GW will fall and not get back up this is the end i tell ya the end :frowning:


wow. just wow. I understand costs of everything are going up, HOWEVER, to comment on gas and fuel prices, then increase METALS and PAINTS seems a little incongruent. Plastics should be affected by rising fuel costs, should they not, as that is primary in their production?

I either case, following that lovely post we had a while ago about what you would change at GW, we must all realise now that they are suffering. They feel raising prices will increase profits. But they fail to see that as this is not a necessity, and disposable income for everyone around the world is decreasing, people will begin adjusting their budgets by avoiding WH purchases.

It’s interesting that they announced it about, what, 1 month ahead of time… and since FYE is in June, they aren’t trying to bolster sales right before.

oh, and THIS is hilarious! from their 2008 Annual Report

"Cost reduction programme continued

…This cost reduction programme has created a leaner and more responsive organisation, better equipped to face the

growth opportunities which lie before it.

The costs associated with this programme are shown as exceptional costs, which amounted to £3.6 million in the year.

We still expect the cost reduction programme to result in annualised cost reductions of £7 million, of which £5 million

have been achieved during the 2007/8 year."

sooooo, reduce costs, raise prices… business still faltering. hmmmm…

oh well, best advice, “support” the price increase if you want by going out now and buying the stuff before the price increase, or find an alternative supplier. No matter what, you’re encouraging the price increase. and it sucks.


I find it especially laughable considering in their previous Annual Reports the contention has been “our hobby is relatively (and our customers) price insensitive”. GW is smoking something pretty strong if they actually believe that.

Goes back to my same contention: Warhammer is a kids game… with adult pricing.

Lastly the thing that becomes more and more apparent: We love warhammer not because of GW, but rather in spite of GW.

Ghrask Dragh:

We love warhammer not because of GW, but rather in spite of GW.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Doesn’t surprise me. I WAS surprised to see the calculation of a mini coming to about the same price (just rounded), but unsurprised to see the rest. Glad to see plastics not ridsing, but this does mean that they aren’t suffering from the costs of fuel as much as they say because they make more/as much plastic as the rest put together…

IMO, it’s an attempt to get people to panic buy metals etc before the price rise and get a quick sales boost…

As for paints in America being $3? Over here, (UK), they are equivalent to ~$4!