[Archive] GW Min. Purchase for Free Shipping now� � $75 for Canucks


Yikes… GW has significantly increased their minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping for Canadians. It was recently at $40 CDN and as of a few minutes ago I noticed that it’s jumped to almost double - $75. Yeowsers.  The Yanks just South of us have a more modest increase to only $50.

I’m crying foul on this one! Sheesh.  It’s getting to be like Australia now. You’d like being on the same continent as the USA would help us out - apparently not.  And don’t even get me started on the CDN pricing, which is set higher than the US pricing, despide the CDN/US currency being close to par for quite a while now.



Simple approach is not to buy from GW.

FRP games have always treated me well here in Australia since the Evil Empire introduced the trade embargo. We need some Jedis to negotiate on our behalf to break the blockade.


I wonder what the back story is myself. Did something happen with costs of Canadian post? Years ago I would buy a good bit of minis from Canada, but is seems that in the last couple of years the cost of postage between Canada and the US rose substantially. Even a single blister pack will be $8 or $10 to ship. Because of this I stopped buying things listed in Canada and actually find that it’s cheaper to pay postage from the UK to the US–at least for smaller items. I don’t know how this came to be, but one eBay seller in Canada said as much when I was talking to him, noting that he had to sacrifice the item cost just to get potential buyers in the US to bid.


I tried to mail a book - the softcover ‘Rogue Trader’ book to the US - and the cost was $24.

Absolutely crazy, and a little irritating - I was planning on getting rid of some old game books, but with shipping that expensive they might just end up in the recycling bin.


This is nothing new. GW has always gouged us on the US pricing, even when they had their mail HQ in Canada. They just think they can get away with price gouging on a global level. I’ve stopped ordering from GW altogether. I really only ever bought bitz from them and when they dropped that there was little point in being their customer. Anything GW (rare these days) I’ll get from my FLGS.


Standard international rate from US to Canada for parcels is $20 or thereabouts, so that’s not surprising.


It just seemed excessive to me - I was told that anything which weighs more than 1 KG (the book weighs 1.125kg) the price of shipping nearly doubles.


Shipping from the US does seem to be pricey. Not sure why really…

Kera foehunter:

So 75 Canada dollars …you could omost buy something from Gw x.x

Time of Madness:

I never buy directly from GW. I’m lucky enough to have a store close by that sells for less then USA retail prices. The store is in Waterloo if anyone is interested.

Time of Madness


I never buy directly from GW. I'm lucky enough to have a store close by that sells for less then USA retail prices. The store is in Waterloo if anyone is interested.
Time of Madness

Time of Madness
Its been a long time since I shopped for games in Waterloo. It was my old university stomping grounds. I don't suppose Imperiums is still there?

Time of Madness:

Can’t say I’ve heard of Imperiums, is that the university club for warhammer (if it is then I have heard of it).

The Waterloo store is J&J Cards and Collectibles. They sell for below USA retail price.

There is also The Pheonix in Kitchener (use to be named Nexus and prior to that Gamer’s Guild).

There is also The Dragon in Guelph, which always has sales on OOP metal warhammer.

Time of Madness