[Archive] GW rules?

Ghaust Mortium:

Does anyone know were I can get the games workshop chaos dwarf rules. i can’t find them any where on the website. Have they been “Illegalized” ?


short version

Ghaust Mortium:

Thanks, but what do you mean by short version?


Those are the GW rules. There is also the the FAQ, errata, and I made a nice looking version. None of them are available from this site any longer, but if you do a Google you are likely to find at least the GW rules hosted somewhere.


In short those were an excerpt from the once available Ravening Hordes book back from early 5th or 6th edition. In its infinate wisdom GeeW the rules availability were pulled… and as they are a previous version no longer supported by GeeW but none theless still legal list to use. However some organizers are not familiar with them so the list may seem like its being phased out thru lack of knowledge.

Most friendly games its not an issue. There are some awesome fanlists created here and the indy list project. Its all dependant on your style and desire to play.

Kudos on joining the creative world of the Chaos Dwarfs.