[Archive] Gyrocopter = Ork Deth Copta


With all the press about the new 40K Orks I got a good look at the Ork Deth-copta. It looks like it would make a great Chaos Dwarf Gyrocopter. Im using the regular Dwarf list for my Chaos Dwarfs right now. Blunderbusses=Thunderers,Sorcerer=Runesmith,etc. No Slaves or Greenskins, all Chaos Dwarves.


Your right it dose look suitably chaos dwarfish thou I’m not sure if a chaos dwarf would make a good sized pilot.

Kera foehunter:

do they still have that model. I alway like it but never got it yet!!!


its the NEW deth-kopta.

too bad gyros dont make bombing runs anymore…


I saw in the back of the new White Dwarf that there is a “sotorm boyz upgrade pack” with 5 rockets we can use for a death rocket conversion, only $15.

Yes,the Dethcopta is now available again, $25.