[Archive] H: 4th ed CD W: O&G, D, cash


I’ve been clinging to a tiny CD army for a very long time and I’ve decided that it’s time to finally part with it. It’s not much, but maybe someone here is interested in buying it or a trade.

What I have:
1 Death Rocket and crew

Some was painted at one point, though it’s all been stripped via simple green at some point. The Lammasu and its rider have never been assembled.

I’m interested in Orcs and Goblins as well as Dwarfs - or of course cash. I’m in Seattle WA if that matters to anyone.


Hey I have about 85 orcs for sale (PayPal preferred). Check it out here.


Hey Blood, where are you located?

Do you post internationally?

What I have:

1Great Taurus with rider

1Lammasu with rider

1 Death Rocket and crew

10 plastic Chaos Dwarf warriors

1 Chaos Dwarf hero

1 Chaos Dwarf sorcerer

Do you have a photos of the actual items for sale?

I might be interested in some of these, once I can confirm the legitamacy of them.


I’ll snap some photos and post them this tonight or this weekend.

I’m in Seattle WA USA, but don’t mind sending internationally, though we’d have to work out a fair price for shipping.


Hey Blood,

Are you interested in my orcs?


Spikes - Sorry, but I already have plenty of the models that you show in your pictures. Thanks for pointing them out to me though!


Here are some rather large shots of the minis that I took this morning.





I forgot to mention in my original post, but I also have the old “White Dwarf presents …” army book circa 4th edition. It is available as well.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hey, can you check out my trading thread and see if there’s anything that you want, please?


PM’d emailed I have Some OnG for trade/Cash!

Hey I am here in Seattle University District.

I am interested in your stuff for sale, obviously avoiding shipping would be good for both of us.

What sort of price are you looking at for the lot?


kingfisherb90 on aim

What OnG are you looking for?


At this point, I’ve traded everything (thanks KingFisher!) that I originally listed with the exception of the death rocket and its crew, along with the old 4th/5th ed army book. If anyone is interested in those, please send me a private message.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Edited your post to reflect the update.