[Archive] H: Brets, IoB, HE, Dwarfs W: $


I’m looking to sell a few extra models I have.

Based and shipped from the U.S. and in U.S. Dollars.

Prices are negotiable. Buyer pays for shipping.

You can pm offer or ask for price and I’ll quote ya one and we can go from there. In the next couple days I’ll probably post up some prices.

Shipping is usually USPS first class unless there are enough items to warrant flat rate priority, or we can hash out your preferred method if it differs.

I have great references on eBay.com under Carlos*mbc and a couple references on Bartertown under Frenchyakamd.


2500’ish points of Brets

Plastics and metals

Some painted, some unpainted, some partially primered.

From storage, several models have parts that have come unglued but all models have all parts to them and can easily be re-glued.

Many of the metal knights were set upright for photos but need to be reglued.

Trays in pic aren’t included.

If you’re interested, I have close ups of models that need re-gluing.

Selling for $280 obo


The Green Knight

Bret Lord /w Lance

Bret Lord /w Great Weapon

Battle Standard Bearer

Damsel /w Staff on foot

Damsel /w Staff mounted


16 x Knights of the Realm

16 x Men-at-Arms

16 x Peasant Bowmen


5 x Questing Knights (a whole set)

6 x Pegasus Knights (3 painted, 3 not painted)

Grail Reliquae (painted) /w 6 Battle Pilgrims (partial primered)


10 x Grail Knights

1 x Field Trebuchet /w all crew

Island of Blood:

All High Elf models unassembled - $35

All Skaven models on unassembled - $35

Mini Rule Book - $25

IoB dice - $3

IoB templates - $4

2x 18 inch Range Rulers - $1 each

The Isle of Blood ‘Getting Started book’ (not a rulebook) - $1


1- Master Engineer with great weapon. He is unpainted, and not glued to his base. Backpack is also still unglued. $9


2- Dwarf Bolt Thrower out of the box. Complete, unpainted and unassembled. $20


3- Dwarf Runelord with Staff. Unpainted, not glued to his base. Base has been magnetized but magnet is flush with bottom of base. $9


4- I have 2 x Dwarf Lords with Hammer. Unpainted, hammer arm is assembled, but not glued to base. Bases have been magnetized but magnets are flush with bottom of base. $9 each


Here’s a pic of the 2 Lords, Runelord, and Master Engineer: $9 each

Bolt Thrower: $20

Any questions feel free to ask!

Link for Brets on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260671611516&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT