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Decided that Chaos Dwarfs just aren’t my thing anymore, and although there will always be a special place in my heart for the Dawi Zharr, its time to move on. Here is what I have, I’d like to trade it straight up for another warhammer/40k army.  Sorry for picture quality by the way, I stink at taking pictures.

13 Sneaky Gits

15 Hobgoblin Warriors

36 Black Orcs

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

17 Chaos Dwarfs Warriors (Blood Bowl Conversions)

19 Blunderbuss

10 Goblin Wolf Riders (Used as Hobgoblin Wolf Riders)

6 Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on Lammasu

Chaos Dwarf Lord on Winged Bull

10 Hobgoblin Archers

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

Astrogoth (Left) Chaos Dwarf Hero (Right, unpainted)

Chaos Dwarf Hero (Left) Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (Right)

Chaos Dwarf Earshaker with 4 crew (4th extra crew member cut off on the left)

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket with 3 crew

7 Plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors


wishes he had a dark elf army to trade

Pyro Stick:

If you cant get a trade for this army i would be interested in buying a few small pieces.


damn it, i had a dark elf army up until a year ago.



I dont have a full DE army anymore but I still have some units if you want to split this?


If I can’t get a trade I will come here first.  Also might be willing to trade for other warhammer armies, really not sure what.  Edited first post and title.


PM sent!

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Thread still up. Thanks for offer Khedyarl.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Unfortunately, Khaosbeardling, I doubt you’ll be able to trade off an army for an army. That’s partly because of the logistics of number of models/metals/points, etc…

I wish you all of the best, but it may be better to trade units (possibly even models) and sell them and use the money for new stuff?


where in this big ol’ world are you?


I’m in the state of Kansas, USA.


waits patiently

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I’m curious, everyone keeps mentioning not having DE armies, but I see no mention of DE in your original post…

Are you solely interested in DE’s, or are other armies a possibility?


That was my original post, was for Dark Elves that’s why. I’ve edited it.


Army is still up for trade, I’ll keep you all updated if this changes.


I’ve decided to keep my Chaos Dwarfs. They are my favorite army in terms of background and play style. I’ll keep hoping for a new army book and new models which hopefully won’t have big hats. Despite my big hat army I’m more partial to the mask/helm approach that GW did with the CD crew.

Request the thread be closed.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thread closed, as per request.

P.S. Always great to hear someone’s is sticking with the army :wink: