[Archive] H: DE army W: Army swap or $


First things first, I am not willing to split the lot. I want to try a full army swap/sale at first, if possible.

If you’re interested, please PM me!




Hey guys, here’s what I have for trade:

So the paint scheme of my DE army is usually red or purple accents. Metals are mostly boltgun metal drybrush on black primer, sometimes highlighted with mithril silver. Basing intention was black with snow on top.


-morathi on dark pegasus, painted, one wing needs to be put back in place

-1 BSB on foot (corsair conversion) painted

-1 assassin, commission painted

-1 master with shield (non-gw mini, I believe hasslefree) commission painted

-1 lord with halberd, painted

-1 witch BSB (hasslefree), simply painted

-1 witch with great weapon (hasslefree), simply painted

-1 supreme hag (cauldron attendant) with blood chalice, painted

-3 sorceresses, commission painted (some of which may not be official GW miniatures)

-1 supreme sorceress, unpainted on isolation foam mini-scenic base

-Lohkir Fellheart (tentacle-face special character), primed

-Malus Darkblade, well assembled with GS filling

-Altar of Blood (stone pentagram) with two harem attendants (pinned: easy transport, less chance of breaking)


-10 dark riders with spears and rxbows, partially painted and based

-27 purple painted spear warriors with command; 25 red commission painted spear warriors with command (one is missing skin paint)

-10 repeater xbowmen warriors, commission painted red and based

-10 repeated xbowmen warriors with shields, commission painted yellow

-9 random converted spear warriors, unprimed

-9 random xbowmen with shields, command, primed black

-20 corsairs with full command, primed black


-9 painted shades, 3 have grass basing instead of black bases (note: xbow bits need to be reglued)

-Cold One chariot commission painted yellow

-15 black guard, full command (13/15 are painted purple, 2/15 are painted red) +1 incomplete metal black guard missing arm and base

-13 executionners full command, painted purple +2 free broken executioners (painted)

-10 cold one knights, full command, commission painted purple

Witch elf conversion project (60 in total)

5x micro arts blisters of amazon torsos

16 true GW metal witch elves (two commands), commission painted

21 unpainted harem girls in various states of assembly (as is, filed/cleaned, primed)

23 conversions (wood elf bits, corsair bits, greenstuff) of which at least half were commission painted. Lara Croft-style hair.


-2 reaper bolt throwers with crew (bolt throwers are primed black and crew is commission painted)

-1 old edition hydra painted red with highlighted scales, 2 converted crew (1 has broken whip)

-1 FREE dragon mc farlane (resin dragon toy, I may give it to you if you want, if not it’s good decoration at my place…I was intending to use it as a proxy dragon for my games.)

-Spare bits (mostly warrior stuff, shield icons, rxbows, etc.)


I would like a roughly points- or cost-equivalent force in exchange.

I am looking for, in order of preference (on sprue, primed or painted, but must be non-broken):

-Ogre Kingdom army

-Necron army

-Imperial guard army

-Tyranids army

-Warriors of chaos army

Else, I am willing to sell this lot for 700$ CAN or 750$ USD OBO. PayPal only if money is exchanged.

I am open to other armies as well (except 40k marines and WHFB undead, orcs&goblins, beastmen, empire and wood elves), if you can convince me with quality and quantity. Photos are a plus.

You will ship with Postes Canada or USPS, NOT UPS and NOT FEDEX, with tracking and insurance. (Or your country’s equivalent federal postal services). I shall do the same. I want a straight swap, each trader pays shipping; lowest rating ships first. I live in Québec, Canada.

Thanks CDO.