[Archive] H: Huge Beastmen and Lizardmen armies W: Paypal


Prices negotiable.

Buyer pays for shipping.

Will ship internationally.

Based in the USA; price in USD.

Paypal payments only please.

You can pm offer or ask for price and I’ll quote ya one and we can go from there.

I have great references on eBay under Carlos*mbc and Bartertown under Frenchyakamd.

If you want more pictures of anything/close-ups, let me know!



1 Gorthor the Beastlord
1 Limited ed. BSB
3 Great Bray Shamans/Bray Shamans
3 Doombulls


90 Ungors
1 Tuskgor Chariot


18 Minotaurs

Gorthor: $19 SOLD!!

3 x Great Bray Shaman/Bray Shamans : $7/each

Limited edition BSB: $35

3 x Metal Doombulls: $17/each

36 Metal Ungors with Handweapons and Command: $1/each

54 Metal Ungors with Spears and Command: $1/each

1 x Tuskgor Chariot: $15SOLD!!

Random Command Models: $2/each

18 metal Minotaurs - 2 standards, 2 with two handweapons, 6 with one handweapon, 8 with greatweapons(1 missing leg): $7/each



New and OOP Lizardmen army ranging Aprox. 7500Pts before Magic, Item, or Unit Upgrades

Looking for $500 OBO + shipping

Here’s the list (a break down/detailed description of all the models follows the list):

2 x Kroq Gar

1 x Slann Mage-Priests

1x Saurus OldBlood

3 x Skink Priests

221 x Skinks

140 x Saurus

13 x Temple Guard

30 x Cold One Riders

5 x Stegadons/Ancient Stegadon

5 x Kroxigors

2 x Terradon Riders

2 x Salamander Hunting Packs

The Breakdown with pics:


2 x Metal Kroq Gars (1 partially assembled)

Saurus OldBlood primed:

1 x OOP Slann Mage-Priest carried aloft by Temple Guard

3 x Skink Priest (2 painted, 1 non)

221 x Skinks:
NEW: 10 blow gun skinks, 10 spear skinks, 7 spear/shield skinks, 13 unassembled skinks
OOP: 3 x command metal skinks, 178 x plastic skinks

140 x Saurus Warriors:
NEW: 20 painted Saurus /w handweapon and shield including full command, 11 Saurus /w hw/shield including command (6 painted), 10 unassembled Saurus.
OOP: 5x metal command models, 93 x plastic models (44 of which have shields as well)

13 x OOP Temple Gaurd:
3x metal command models, 10x metal models /w spears = 13 total Temple Guard /w command

30 x Cold One Riders:
NEW: 8 partially assembled Saurus Cold One Riders, 8 unassembled Saurus Cold One Riders
OOP: 14 Metal Skink Cold One Riders models including 3 command models.

5 x Stegadons:
NEW: 1 partially assembled/base coated Stegadon/Ancient Stegadon with full sprue
OOP: 4 x Metal Stegadons /w 6x Metal Skink crew each

5 x OOP Metal Kroxigors (2 NIB):

2 x OOP Terradons Riders /w 2 riders each:

2x Metal Salamanders /w 4 Skink crew each:

Thanks for looking!


Wow, 49 Minotaur. I’m guessing from the prices that your an american seller?


34 minos. I wish 49, haha. Yes, as is stated, this is coming out of the States


Are you only selling them together? I’d be interested in some minotaurs, but I don’t need a whole beastmen army…

jacob bontkes:

im interested in the lizardmen stuff your selling if it is still avaialbe but only the stuff that isnt painted, primed is fine if there is some. but email me back at jbontkes22@gmail.com for a price for the stuff. thanks. jacob