[Archive] H: Mantic Abyssal Dwarves W:$ cheap


Ahoy all!

I have a LARGE amount of “mantic abyssal dwarves”

the army set “Karnak’s nightmare legion”

+ 40 more abyssal dwarfs (assembled)

that is a count of about 120 dwarfs.

One of them is a metal limited edition general


there’s 2 of the bolt thrower things as well.

the Nightmare legion is still in box.

I’m looking for under half of what I paid for it.

125 usd plus shipping.

I can ship asap!

let me know!


i just did inventory.

here’s what I have:

Mantic dwarfs: assembled

22 ‘black souls’

31 mixed weapon (some great weapons, some hw sh)

10 decimators

these are assembled some bits are loose in the box. I got them in a trade


5 metal berserkers

2 bolt throwers (ones with tounges)

SPRUES of 5 each. parts to make either BLACK SOULS or IMMORTAL GUARD

10 sprues. (and the metal parts) = 50 infantry

SPRUES: crossbowmen/ decimators 13 sprues 2 models per each sprue

oh yeah. there’s mantic points in there too.

Ok, that’s it.

I’m moving soon, so I want them gone. I’m not impatient enough to take dirt cheap offers.

buyer takes care of shipping. Hopefully this will help someone get their legions marching!