[Archive] H: O&G and DoC W: FW Chaos Dwarves or $$$


Hi guys,

I am looking for ForgeWorld Chaos Dwarves (including book) or money to buy them. I prefer larger quick sales/trades but will be open to offers.

O&G$120 Shipped in the USA

LE Black Orc with two handed axe over his head

LE Black Orc with Goblin on His Shoulder (not sure of his name)

Black orc Charaacter Holding Empire Soldiers Head

NG Hero on Giant Squig

Plastic orc Character set Partially Assembled

21 Assembled Black Orcs

12 Orcs (painted okay)

14 metal herders

OOP Doom Diver

Current Metal Doomdiver

2 Castings of my Mushroom Giant

Daemons $400 Shipped in the USA

Metal Keeper of Secrets (stripped)



Exalted Chariot

6 Metal Juggernatus with Bloodletters to mount on them

100 metal Bloodletters

2 Boxes Slaanesh Chariots

3 Metal Flamers (2 painted 1 stripped)

3 NiB Forgeworld Plague Toads with Riders

2 Boxes of Platic Plagubearers

Box Plastic Screamers


Just found 5 Fleshhounds (primed red and a little beast up)

10-12 Sexy Diaz Seekers of Slaanesh (I may or maynot have the hands to go on them though. I know I have 5-6 ish in a baggy)

Didn’t change the price when I found these items.


Can we see an image of the Mushroom Giants?


Sure.  Here is a pic of the original all painted up.