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Hey all!

Got a request from my dad to sell his Warhammer stuff, for I talked him into buying stuff years back, so I decided to put it on here first.

Mostly painted or primed (by me and my brother when we were 6 and 8 or something), so not painted to a high standard. Can be easily stripped with in something like Dettol though.

Pictures soon to follow


1 Orc Warloard on boar (approx 1998) with shield and “additional shield” (glued on the side of the boar) SoL Link

4 Orc Boar Boyz (1 of each) (1998) (+box, two shields and two boar tails missing) SoL Link

2 Savage Orc Shaman on boars (1998) SoL Link

1 Savage Orc Shaman 1 (1998) SoL Link

1 Savage Orc Boar Boy (according to the Collector’s guide: Body 1 with head C)

20 Plastic Orc Boyz, multipart with command; musician has a horn (+box, additional arms and I believe all the shields) (Box says 1998)

1 Orcs and Goblins Army Book (1993)

1 Orcs and Goblins Collector’s Guide

PM me if you are interested!


These will probably be off to ebay over the weekend, PM me before then if you are interested!



Still up for sale, PM if interested