[Archive] [H] Small Space Marines Army, Dark Eldar [W] Ogre Kingdoms, CDs, OOP Races, Misc [UK]



40 Space Marines (8 with Bolt Pistol and Combat Weapon, 4 with flamethrowers, 5 with missile launchers. 30 Painted to a tabletop standard, 10 partially painted or primed)

1 Metal Space Marine Chapter Master with Sword

1 Whirlwind (Assembled and Primed)

Dark Eldar

2 Metal OOP Hellions (Unpainted)

1 OOP Raider (painted)

16 OOP Warriors (One with Dark Lance, painted to tabletop standard)

15 OOP Metal Wyches (Unpainted)


Ogre Kingdoms:

Any Ogre Kingdoms/Small Ogre Kingdoms Army

Chaos Dwarfs:

Any Bighats except a Greater Taurus

Any Kislev Models

Anything from Warhammer Forge


Any Citidel Fimir (http://www.solegends.com/citc/c25fimirwd102x.jpg)

Any Zoats, preferably Fantasy Zoats

Empire Steam Tank