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NIB Wraithlord
Nib Guardians
NOS Guardians
OOP Painted Striking scorpions
Eldar Codex
Space Marine Codex

(All models are built and in good condition)
11+ Black Orcs Painted
30+ Orc Boys (most are painted)
Black Orc BSB (primed)
Black Orc Warboss (painted)
Orc Mage (bare metal)
Bags of Bits
and More

Archaon On Foot slightly converted
Norse King from Reaper
Bretonnian Army Book
True Scale Deathwatch Squad (including Termi and Librarian)
Vast Assortment of MTG
Apocalypse Large Blast Template

Halfling Hot-Pot
Chaos Dwarves of any kind

I have 4000+ Points of skaven (pm for full details) that I would be looking to trade for Tomb Kings, woodelves and liazardmen