[Archive] H: WM - Menoth, Grey Knights, Eldar W: Tau, Ork, VC, Anything!


I am listing the following items and hoping to receive a complete 40k or fantasy army army preferrably tau, orks or vampire counts so please message me if you are interested in these beautiful models

1: My beautifully painted Daemonhunters army, all models have been uniquely based and have are being traded with the large red GW transport case.

2: 500pt huge Knights of Menoth army models painted to extremely high standard in the mourning colours as shown in the Apotheosis books.

3: Huge Eldar force made up of old and new models many painted to high standard or undercoated but paint levels are quoted.

4: Brand New Copy of Horus Heresy: Collected Visions book.

5: Tyranid Battleforce, all N.O.S - Carnifex made with talons and claws and undercoated.

Grey Knights

2 x Landraiders with forgeworld door sets - Painted High Standard.

1 x customised Dreadnought - Painted High Standard.

4 x gk terminators - Painted High Standard.

1 x converted librarian terminator to be grand master / brother captain - Painted High Standard.

16 x grey knights - Painted High Standard.

2 x grey knights with psycannons - u/c.

1 x converted inquistor (comissar model) - Painted High Standard.

1 x vindicar assassin - Painted High Standard.

Loads of undpainted spares and a few unpainted gk and gk with heavy weapons.

Grey Knight Pics:











10 x Exemplar Errant - u/c.

1 x Grand Exemplar Kreoss - Painted High Standard.

4 x Priest - u/c.

6 x Knights Exemplar - Painted High Standard.

1 x High Paladin Dartan Vilmon - Painted High Standard.

2 x Paladin order of the Wall - Painted High Standard.

1 x Wreck Marker - Painted High Standard.

1 x Exemplar Seneschal - Painted High Standard.

1 x Avatar of Menoth - Bare Metal.

Warmachine Prime and Apotheosis books brand new.

All information cards supplied in a protected card folder.

Warmachine Pics:










6 x Dark Reapers - u/c.

6 x Swooping Hawks - N.I.B.

24 x Guardians - N.O.S.

2 x Fireprisms - u/c.

30 x Harlequins - Bare Metal.

6 x Pathfinders - u/c.

12 x Fire Dragons - Painted High Standard.

1 x New style Warwalker - Painted High Standard.

3 x old style warwalker - Painted High Standard.

5 x Strining Scorpions (inc Exarch) - Painted High Standard.

1 x Wraithguard - u/c.

1 x Maugan Ra - u/c.

6 x Warlock - u/c.

1 x Fuegan - Painted High Standard.

3 x Farseer - u/c.

1 x Avatar of Kain - u/c.

1 x D-cannon Heavy Weapon Platform - Painted High Standard.

1 x Starcannon Heavy Weapon Platfom - Painted High Standard.

1 x Eldrad Ulthran - u/c.

Supplied with beautiful new eldar codex, along with old codex eldar and codex craftworld eldar.

If you are interested but would like pictures please message me or email me at darkstar_2k@hotmail.com and i will send pics to you no problem!