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lord marcus:

Note: I do not want to take over managment for your armies background, and that is not what I do.

Hello all, I would like to introduce my army background commision based service.

This is for those who want to theme thier army with background text (in addition to painting and modeling!) but have never picked up a pen and tried, or just can’t be bothered to write something detailed but don’t want to rush it and have a bad piece.

Basically, for a small fee payed in either bits I need (see below, list updated as I go) or gift cards to thewarstore.com I will write a piece of literature helping to detail the background of your army.

And this does not need to be warhammer related! It could be any type of piece for any type of genre or force level.

All I need from you is a PM detailing what you want in basic detail (names, thier importance, etc) and I’ll do the rest.

For samples of my work please see the Invocation issue 5 (the quatar article, page 49)


and also the second post of this thread:


I have four levels of commision:

Rank 1: Small piece, 1-5 pages, negotiated bits or $1 per page

rank 2: medium piece, 5-10 pages, negotiated bitz, or $1.50 per page

rank 3: short story, 15-50 pages, negotiated bitz, or $1.75 per page (obviously a 50 page is expensive, but the time and creative planning involved is also high, this isn’t my day job after all)

rank 4: custom, special pieces that are intricatly involved or multi document deals, negotiated bitz or discussed price.

Bitz/models I need:

Any IoB skaven models.

techpriest enginseer’s

servitors of any type

power armor legs, torso’s, power packs, and arms.

bolters with magazine feeds

anything imperial guard

anything skaven, brettonian, or tomb kings

skeletons and revenants from Mantic games

lord marcus:

Words from past commissioners:

Just got a commission from him, looks great, was done fast for such such good writing! I suggest his services!

Revacky of DakkaDakka
link:is here
A great piece of writing, recommended!

Novogord of warhammer empire
link: is here

And from gundam boy and Quase of heresy, respectivly:
His service is excellent! prompt replies, open to critiques. I highly recommend him!

hello, I’ve just received the fluff for my Renegade IG army (you can read it here)

And I must say I am very pleased with the results :ok: .

Good communication with Lord Marcus, he takes into acount your wishes, gives you a realistic timeline in which the writing will take place, and he even offered to incorporate pictures from my Renegade IG blog (now called The Servants of the Fly) which I didn’t even bargain for!

Highly recommended, and make sure to read his work in the above mentioned link to leave your feedback.

I know that I now love my army even more, now that it has it’s own history and it’s own little place in the GWS-40K-Universe.

Cheers Lord Marcus!

Link: is here

lord marcus:

Another happy customer, this time from Dakka:


I have received my requested “History” and all I can say is Thank you!

This guy has the gift of “fluff”, and has made my new venture in to the world of 40K much more enriching.

NOTE: I opted for level 2 and am very pleased with the results if you have yet to realize it.


Gunny_Frost of dakka dakka

Thommy H:

Wait, people are getting models in exchange for writing? What the hell am I doing here paying for my figures with money like a jive sucka then? :o

lord marcus:

Don’t know. But i’m up to 11 commissions taken on so far.

Da Crusha:

pm sent

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lord marcus:

For some reason I never recieved it Crusha, could you resend it?

EDIT: scratch that, just found it…