[Archive] hail, searching for decals,banners,icons, sheets to print



I’m searchin for some sheet of icons, banners, decals, to use on my chaos dwarf.

i wanna stop to scream blasphemity while painting that f*****g arrow. thank you


Ghrask Dragh:


Here you go!

Don’t think you can get the sticker type banners for us anymore but if anyone knows where you can please post it here I hate using paper!!!


There are places you can get custom decal sheets and such from. I got mine from walmart, but ive seen nicer ones at model train shops and places like that.

They have ones that are meant to be run through color laser jet printers, where you can get all differnet kinds of bright colors (but you may have to print them off at a kinko’s or some other place) and also ones that are meant to be run through ink jets. The ink jet ones turn out a bit translucent, but I like painting over decals anyway.

You’d have to draw all the icons on your comp yourself though. Hmm… I may try putting together a little icon sheet later tonight and putting it up here for anyone interested. Any requests for stuff to be on there?